Common kitchen rules that home cooks break

“Let’s just say I take the ‘five second rule’ very, very loosely.”


“I made fish and chips: smoked salmon with chips. I don’t know … I’m not English.”


“I take the ‘five second rule’ very, very freely.”


“I reheat roast chicken in the supermarket with a glass of cheap wine and I call it Coq au Vin. “


“My boss puts applesauce on his pizza, puts the two slices together and eats it like a sandwich.”


“When breading things in a traditional mix of milk, flour, eggs and breadcrumbs, it is recommended to use one hand for dry ingredients and another for moist. It makes perfect sense, but I only use one hand for everything and I hold the other hand completely clean. I’d rather have one hand I can use instead of two dirty ones. “


“I often eat Lunchables and I just tell myself that they are actually cured meats.”


“I always flock the crowded bacon. In the end it shrinks anyway.”


“Use dried herbs instead of fresh ones. I fully recognize that fresh rosemary, thyme or basil taste much better, but buying fresh herbs is pretty much a guarantee that I will use them in a dish and then forget about them until after I they will go badly in the fridge. “


“My husband makes the spaghetti, tosses them in the sauce and sets them aside. Then he spreads the peanut butter on two slices of toast, ladles a generous amount of spaghetti on a piece of peanut butter toast and uses the second. slice to make a peanut butter and spaghetti sandwich. “


“When I’m feeling lazy, I put cured ground beef cooked with vegetables and cheese on focaccia and call it Mexican pizza.”


“I eat pieces of cookie dough while I make cookies.”


“My take on homemade fish tacos is to heat up frozen fish sticks and wrap them in tortillas.”


“I put melted cheese and tomatoes on the bread and call it Margherita pizza.”


“When I’m too lazy to cook, which happens often, I pile everything in my refrigerator into one bowl until nothing else fits and I call it dinner.”


“I’m constantly overcrowding the pan. I don’t have time to batch cook. If I can’t get the ingredients into the pan at once, I’m not making that recipe.”


“When my wife was pregnant, she craved ramen noodles made with Kraft Mac & Cheese powder. I fulfilled that desire.”


“They say not to rinse the mushrooms, but I do. I’m not going to sit with a brush picking up every bit of forest floor. They’re doing a quick rinse. What’s the problem after all? Mushrooms rain on me.


“I put MSG on everything. What can I say? It makes everything tastier.”


“I never wash my vegetables. I just guess if there’s a little dirt on them it’s some kind of extra nourishment. And if there are pesticides on them … well, that’s never been a problem for me first. “


“I don’t treat any cheese as unique to a culture or cuisine. Hell, I’ll slap Provolone or Monterey Jack on almost anything I’m cooking.”


“I soften the butter in the microwave. I know it’s wrong, I use the defrost setting and it seems to work fine. Common, no one has time to wait for the butter to soften.”


“I scoop the flour directly with a measuring cup into a bowl and never sift it. I haven’t noticed any difference between this method and fluffing / spoon flour in the cup like you really should.”


“I quickly thaw the seafood under hot water.”


“When the instructions on a frozen meal say to remove it from the microwave and mix it in half, I don’t care. I’m already making dinner in the microwave. I can’t be bothered to make this effort.”


“For me it’s throwing chopped onions and garlic into the pan at the same time when the instructions say to brown the onion first. Nor is it ever overcooked or undercooked.”


“I’ve put cheese on everything, including fish. Cheesy seafood is the bomb, and I don’t care who says otherwise.”


“I use garlic from a jar (affectionately called jarlic) 90% of the time. IMO, the difference in taste is so small it’s not worth chopping by hand.”


“I buy grated / grated cheese instead of grating it myself. I don’t have time for that. 🤷🏻‍♀️”


“When I cook, I rarely blend dry ingredients together before adding them to the wet ingredients. I can’t be bothered. I first add the salt, spices and yeast to the wet ingredients and then add the flour.”


“I hardly ever wait for the oven to preheat before putting in what I’m cooking.”


“I cook raw meatballs in tomato sauce. I like the flavor it gives the sauce and I don’t want my meatballs to carbonize, thank you very much.”


“I cut the meat on a cutting board, then I cut the vegetables on the same cutting board without cleaning it first. It all gets cooked in the same damn pan anyway.”


“I’ve never, ever rinsed my rice before cooking it.”


“I use those instant ramen chicken flavored seasoning packets to flavor my veggies and other dishes like homemade chips. It’s so much better than just salt and pepper.”


“I use Better than Bouillon in about 75% of my cooking. The lobster version is my secret weapon. It enhances any seafood dish. Whenever I cook with shrimp or lobster I bring out the BTB lobster broth and everyone is enthusiastic about the meal “


“I always use canned cake mix. Making a cake from scratch takes forever, but the canned mix is ​​delicious and everyone likes it. Also for the banana bread I use a mix of yellow cakes and ripe bananas. “


“I only use a flour dough instead of a roux to make the bechamel. I say it’s a low fat bechamel, but I’m really just lazy.”

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