Comments on the material In the village of Bobrovsky, animal rights activists tried to take a dog, which is kept on a chain in a dark barn and hardly fed. The owner refused to give it up, and the police did not seize the animal |

A dog is a thing. She has a master. How he disposes of this thing is the business of the owner. Taking a dog is like picking up an unwashed car or unclean shoes.
Yes. And the car needs to be washed, shoes should be cleaned and the dog should be looked after. But if someone does not do it very well and accurately, this is not a reason to unceremoniously climb in and “save”.
Yes. Sorry for the dog. But she is fed and not tortured. Are they kept on a chain and do not walk? Well, what … It happens. This is, in principle, a common canine fate. Not every dog ​​manages to settle down well, so that they can work with him, and play, and a groomer to scratch …

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