Comfort food recipes to welcome autumn

While some dread this time of year, here, autumn makes us want to spend hours cooking! Braised, stewed and generously flavored dishes: it’s the return of gourmet and comforting menus that remind us of Grandma’s cooking! We share with you our favorite recipes to welcome fall in style.

Gourmet dishes that cook for a long time

Braised meats and casseroles evoke incredibly tender dishes, offering rich and developed flavors. No wonder this type of dish is so popular at this time of year! We take advantage of the gray days to braise duck legs in Tuscany [›››] or to finally bring out the slow cooker and prepare a whole duck [›››]. It’s also an opportunity to revisit our favorite classics with chickpea and duck chili. [›››] or a maple-flavored Burgundy duck [›››].

So good with mushrooms!

Morels, chanterelles or oyster mushrooms: in autumn, mushrooms are certainly popular! And their tasty aromas paired with duck meat allow for wonderful pairings. After a day spent at work, we will gladly opt for a creamy pulled duck soup [›››] or a duck stew with forest mushrooms [›››]. Braised duck breasts with creamy mushroom sauce [›››], meanwhile, has all the qualities to warm you up after a long hike.

Make way for the summer harvests

Autumn is also the height of the vegetable garden harvest season. Onions, carrots, peppers and zucchini, we take the opportunity to cook what we have grown all summer with all kinds of recipes that feature them! Our best ideas? A tasty smoked duck panzanella [›››] to savor Brussels sprouts and spinach, a duck pie [›››] which gives pride of place to Butternut squash or a duck steak accompanied by root vegetables [›››] roasted in the oven.

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Supreme comfort food: a decadent poutine!

In Quebec, it’s impossible to talk about comfort food without mentioning gourmet poutines. And it’s so easy to give an autumn twist to our famous national dish! We offer you this poutine with root vegetables and smoked duck [›››] to cook vegetables from the garden, this version with duck meatballs and mushrooms [›››] or this recipe with cheese sauce and [›››] scented with your favorite herbs.

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