Come to Malaysia to sing and don’t dare to take off your clothes

“Asian Dance King” Luo Zhixiang (Little Pig) experienced emotional turmoil and severely damaged his acting career. He faded out of the screen for more than two years and then returned to the mountain stage. After returning to the music scene in Taiwan last year, he will also hold a concert in Genting tonight. He used the quarrel between dancing couples on the stage, and said to the male dancer: “No matter what happens, boys are always wrong, don’t slander and scold girls, you know? Boys are wrong, boys are responsible!” But friends who “understand” the meaning of the words can’t help but smile!

“No matter what happens, boys are always wrong”!

After 5 years, Luo Zhixiang once again stood on the Malaysian stage. Nearly 5,000 fans came to support him, and Luo Zhixiang also showed full sincerity. After singing and dancing on the stage, he was not as breathless as before. During the week of the show, he put all his efforts into showing off his funny qualities, not only showing off his “Malaysian-style” Chinese language, but also “go out” to the audience who can’t sing his slow songs, and even performed “mind reading” magic tricks, Bojun laughed!

The “2023 Show Show Concert” exploded last night at the Arena of Stars in Genting. Xiao Zhu, who had been away from the Malaysian stage for 5 years, sang and danced songs “No Joke”, “Enough” and “Trap Game” as soon as he finished singing. He joked that he had prepared an oxygen tank. He said: “The venue in Genting is a challenge for singers and dancers.” Even so, Xiaozhu showed his singing and dancing skills. Although he sang and danced, he did not let the oxygen tank come in handy use!


Performing “mind-reading” magic, the audience burst into laughter

Watching Luo Zhixiang’s concert is indeed very happy and full of joy, because he will always be a “variety show guy”, and the content will make you laugh and cry! He laughed and said that he learned a skill half a year ago, “I learned mind reading for three months, and now I randomly select an audience member, and I can tell the answer that he (the audience) thinks in his heart.” Then he asked the audience in the audience : “Is the number in your mind 98?” The audience responded “No”, Luo Zhixiang announced the white paper with “No” in a grand manner, and then said: “This is magic”, this performance caused a roar of laughter!

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Before Luo Zhixiang came to Malaysia, he had announced that he would step down from the stage to get close to the fans. On the spot, he still urged the fans to “stand still”. Sure enough, when he appeared, the fans were enthusiastic but not crazy. Everyone stood still obediently, and he also distributed benefits. , playing hugs with mother-level fans, and taking selfies together, and then sang “Losing to You”, “Love Master”, “Happiness” for a week, and the scene was hot!

Due to the latest guidelines for concerts in Malaysia, foreign artists are prohibited from dressing up as women or taking off their clothes. After singing and dancing, Xiaozhu expressed his enthusiasm, and then said: “You can’t take off your clothes here, and you can’t dress up as a woman. I said it early in the morning.” My sister (Zhu Bishi) didn’t come, so OK, these rules are not against me😂.”

After the concert, the fans chanted An Ge, thinking that “sister” Zhu Bishi would not come, and “brother” Luo Zhixiang would dance “Buy Winter Melon” instead, but only the MV of “Zhu Bishi” was shown on the screen, and “brother” did not Bringing extra surprises~ (hahaha, it seems that Coffee Mary really thinks too much 😂)!

Interview: Coffee Mary Photo: Sin Chew Daily Photography Lim Ming Fai

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Ding Dang’s favorite fan overweight sings a cappella for Malaysian fans

Slider + featured image-dingdang

Ding Dang, who has been away from the Malaysian stage for 4 years, brought the “When We Live Together Again” concert tour to Malaysia. Malaysian fans not only love to sing with Ding Dang, but also love to chat with Ding Dang. When Ding Dang wants to sing many times, Fans kept clamoring to continue chatting, so Ding Dang acted like a baby on the spot: “You guys are so strange, you don’t sing for the singer, you can continue chatting with Brother Ang later!” Suddenly, the audience roared with laughter.

Ding Dang’s “When We Are Together Again” Livehouse tour concert in Kuala Lumpur opened, Ding Dang kicked off the curtain with the dynamic “Night Cat”, followed by “The Beast” and “Ode to Joy” and sang many fast-paced songs. Calling on fans to “stand up”, “move”, “jump up”, “release your energy to the fullest”, and stir up the atmosphere of the audience to the climax. She also called herself a “singing and dancing female singer”. vitality!


Ding Dang is very good at singing, and the fans didn’t give in too much, turning the scene into a large-scale karaoke. Facing the enthusiasm of the fans, Ding Dang also sang “I Loved So Much”, “Onion”, “I’m in Love”, “Is It Possible”, “It’s Impossible To Be Alone”, “I Don’t Love You That Much”, etc., fans can seamlessly connect with each other, making Ding Dang frequently show incredible surprised expressions.

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The bold and direct performance of the fans made her very heartwarming. Like Ding Dang dancing until he was sweating profusely, when a male fan suddenly appeared and handed a tissue, and then invited the fan to come on stage to sing a chorus, the enthusiastic male fan was not stage frightened, and his performance was a bit overwhelming, making Ding Dang laugh and say: “Go on, I Today is your guest.” The scene was so funny.


It is not so much a concert as it is more like a warm gathering of old friends. When Ding Dang was talking, the fans would keep screaming. She rolled her eyes and asked, “What are you doing?” Ding Dang was so cute side.


Night Owl, Beast, Ode to Joy, Fireworks, Promise, Unpredictable, Half, Why Are You Lying, It’s All Yue Lao’s fault, Party Animals, Wanting a Love, Too Soft Heart, I’m a Little Bird, Love Like the tide, what if you lose and you win the world, fate, palm, I love him
Singing session with fans: I love you very much, Onion, I fell in love with, Is it possible, Impossible to be alone, I don’t love you that much, I can’t help myself, Ordinary dependence
Angie 1: Next to the female character, relatives + Chaser
Ango 2: Night Owl

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Trust Music

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