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The exceptional motorcycle can take different forms. Racy, slender and sensual for the Italians, more refined than reason for the French, very sporty for the Japanese … In the United States, it’s in exuberance. Strength in metal, arming uppercut and mystifying brutality. The craftsman Combat Motors does not hesitate to abuse this recipe. His Wraith is a new demonstration of this, astounding design and technical solutions.

Even if many have already appeared on old models of the brand, we can not help but have the breath coupled by each of the mechanical violence. Under the Confederate Motorcycles era, The F-117 Fighter or P-51 Combat Fighter already oxidized the sense of restraint. Combat Motors perseveres with the Wraith, from end to end of the chassis to the engine window. The identity changes but not the creations, always so extravagant and oscillating between art and madness.

The twin is a majesty. Coming from S&S, it offers another dimension of a big American Big Block. Its central distribution is highlighted via a transparent housing, naturally bringing curiosity to the rocker rods. Behind, the cylinder heads are enormous. Is the engine that generous? Even beyond, overlooking the biggest Harley or Indian mills. The 2163 cm3 X-Wedge cube engine, which allows to offer crazy figures for a custom of Uncle Sam: 145 horsepower in the gut, and 22 mkg to lift the Alabama creature. This enormous displacement has another advantage, that of distributing the watts very early. A 1000 cc 4 cylinder would spit them out at around 10,000 rpm – the Wraith sends them out at 5,100 rpm. As for the torque, its maximum robustness is reached at only 2000 rpm.

NB: if the airspace of 132 ci is too poor, Combat can implant you in 117 ci instead.

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Like the Confederates, the machines from Combat show off astonishing style and chassis. Huge machined aluminum pieces wedge the engine between them and a surreal backbone. Two boxes on either side are responsible for receiving the fuel (bottom) and the air filter (top). Windows make it possible to instantly view the content; and brings an additional ostentatious touch to the realization. This type of frame has been a hallmark of these motorcycles since the R-131 Fighter.
The parallelogram fork is also made up of sacred beautiful parts, with a carbon coating as a bonus. The American stands on rims also in carbon and will be braked by Beringer brake calipers.

Totally mind-blowing but in line with previous creations – It’s shocking when you discover the Combat Wraith for the first time; whereas we see a refined progeny when we have had knowledge (near or far) of the Confederate FA-13 Combat Bomber and Curtiss P40 Warhawk. That sick stuff, on which the Wraith is based without any real big changes.

The first of this name, conceived under the Confederate aegis, was close to a work by Frankenstein. The news is really of a different caliber. Much more worked in its forms, more noble, more insane, more artistic, it wants to please with its soul, its bones and its flesh – without clothes, without skin, without modesty and without limits.

The entrance ticket is disgusting, reserving each of the 21 models to an elitist clientele. $ 155,000. Reservations will automatically make a first sort: it’s $ 100,000 to order a Combat Wraith. Info, the manufacturer accepts cryptocurrencies. As a result, the Wraith can cost you 3 or 6 bitcoins depending on the month you buy it.

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