Colorful harness made from BioThane®, custom-made for your dog

So that nothing slips or pinches anymore: a custom-made Y-harness for your dogmade with love from BioThane®.

Many dog ​​owners know the problem: nothing fits. Too long, too wide, somehow it doesn’t sit right, pulls to the side… Well meant, but not really healthy for the musculoskeletal system in the long run.

A custom harness sits where it should. It offers enough Freedom of movement in the shoulder areadoes not slip, and also distributes the leash Pressure evenly on the chest instead of pointwise like a collar on the larynx.

Thanks to the buckles on the waist belt, the width of the harness can be easily adjusted.

The BioThane® straps used are insensitive to moisture and can be cleaned with a damp cloth when dirty.

There are eleven BioThane® colors to choose from, complemented with colored accents through the textile rigging and fittings in gold, silver or black.

The price depends on the size of your dog and the associated material costs.
Tip for configuration: first select the size, then everything else.

Size XS – up to 45 cm waist circumference
size S – up to 65 cm waist circumference
size M – up to 80 cm waist circumference
Size L – up to 94 cm waist circumference
Size XL – from 95 cm waist circumference

Please note!
Custom designs are non-returnable. Miss exactly. If you are unsure, please contact us.

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