Colombian actor, director and presenter Alí Humar died

Hospitalized due to an acute lung disease aggravated by covid-19, the legendary actor, director and presenter of Colombian television, Alí Humar González (76 years old), died this Tuesday in Bogotá, where he was hospitalized at the Santa Fe Foundation, as confirmed by his family.

The son of a Palestinian father and a Colombian mother, Humar, recognized for having directed iconic national productions, including ‘Happy Saturdays’, died of cardiorespiratory arrest, according to the statement issued by his relatives.

Characters that have marked the history of Colombian television

In the letter they thank the attention provided at the Santa Fe Foundation and point out that “there will be no wake-up services.”

Shortly after hearing the news, the President of the Republic, Ivan Duque, sent a message of solidarity: «To the teacher Alí Humar thanks for everything, a great man from the world of television and the arts who gave us Colombians many joys. To Guiomar, Fabio and Valentina a strong hug of solidarity and support at this time ».

Famous and other personalities fire Alí Humar

A life dedicated to television

Alí began his career in the theater, which he joined towards the end of 1960, when he joined the Santiago García theater group in Bogotá, and later joined the television series Candó, which marked the beginning of a long and successful Colombian television career.

Years later (the eighties) he decided to put acting aside to dedicate himself fully to directing. That was how in 1984 he managed to masterfully drive ‘The crows’, mystery series written by Julio Jiménez with great acceptance among viewers.

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Alí Humar, an unrepeatable icon of Colombian television

Later he directed Lola Calamidades (1987), Inheritance cursed (1990), Señora Isabel (1993), Bitter Cups (1996), Castle of Cards (1998) and Taboo (1999).

Following his successful career, Alí ​​Humar led the iconic comedy show ‘Happy Saturdays’. It did so from 2000 to 2019, creating new formats, adding new talents and giving added value to one of Caracol Televisión’s flagship productions.

During that time he had the opportunity to be an actor again, this time in productions such as Seven Times Loved (2002) Y ‘Without breasts there is no paradise’ (2008).

Colombians trust the news of Cadena Colombia

After almost 20 years on ‘Happy Saturdays’, the presenter also retired and in his exile presented the book ‘It’s my version and I don’t change it’, in which he compiled about 90 anecdotes with personalities from the world of national and international entertainment.

Ali Humar leaves, but his legacy remains intact, his contribution to Colombian television.

Goodbye, Ali!

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