Collie Sarah Barlow faces a difficult decision over Toya

Coronation Street Spoilers follow.

Coronation Streetof Toya Buttersby continues to struggle because he is suspected of Imran Hubbyb’s death after a car accident.

In the upcoming scene, Toya (Georgia Taylor) will return to work in the Underworld as she intends to repay her statutory expenses to her sister Lean (Jane Danson).

But when Toya returns to work, Sarah Barlow (Tina O’Brien) is in a difficult position. When Toya snaps with her customer on her phone, Sarah becomes suspicious of her return.


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Does Sarah reconsider when Jo Lafoe (Marnie Baxter) tells Sarah that hiring a suspect in a murder may not look good for her and her factory?

In a previous episode, Collie aired the final scene of Imran (Charlie Demero) following a tragic car accident with Toya.

On their way back from the police station, their car crashed into a scaffold. Imran was able to pull Toya out of the car unharmed, but his own health deteriorated shortly thereafter, and he had a fatal heart attack on the scene.

Toya Hubbyb, Imran Hubbyb, Coronation Street


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“It’s a strange feeling because a lot of effort was put into the final week of Imran,” Demero said of Imran’s exit.

“Many departments have come together to make it as large as possible.

“For me, it felt like this:” Oh, I have to get this right, oh no! “So it was good that it seemed to work. This was so deeply involved in Georgia’s progress that the fact that she was happy with it meant a lot. ”

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