Colfuturo opens call for 2021 Scholarship Credit Program for postgraduate programs abroad – La Campana newspaper

Until the first of March, the best professionals in the country will be able to enroll in, to participate in the call.

Those who apply will compete for the support that Colfuturo gives to study a master’s or doctorate in one of the best universities in the world. The objective is that upon their return they contribute all the knowledge they acquire for the benefit of the country.

The entity hopes to select and support this year about 1,300 Colombians to study abroad, which is possible in close cooperation with Minciencias that allows the student to convert up to 80% of the money disbursed to them into a scholarship. The final percentage of the scholarship will depend on the study area, the city of residence when returning and the employment relationship with the State, the educational sector or research areas that the professional eventually has upon graduating from graduate school.

Colfuturo will disburse each selected person up to USD 50,000 for tuition, living expenses, passage or installation expenses. This support can be used within two years from the time of selection.

The professional who decides to apply to the program has total freedom to choose the university, the country and the language in which they want to pursue their studies, but will compete according to the quality of that decision compared to that of the other candidates.

The Foundation has more than 100 agreements that allow professionals to access a discount percentage ranging from 10 to 100% on enrollment.

“The unwavering decision is to continue contributing to the construction of knowledge, science, excellence, open-mindedness and openness to the world and its diverse cultures as central values ​​of this project. All this despite the difficulties humanity is going through, ”said Jerónimo Castro, director of Colfuturo.

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Requirements and scholarship

Professionals who wish to participate in the call for the Credit Scholarship Program must be Colombian, master a second language, choose a master’s or doctorate program abroad, fill out the online form and pay $ 50,000.

At the time of registration, you do not need to have an admission letter yet. They should only inform the program they wish to advance. This information is key, since the comparative quality of that choice with respect to what the other candidates propose is one of the four selection criteria.

The scholarship percentages are cumulative as follows:

  • 20%: for MBA and other masters in Administration or Law.
  • 40%: for master’s degrees in all other areas and for all doctorates.
  • 20%: for those who return and work in the State, Education or Research.
  • 20%: for those who return and work outside of Bogotá.

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