Coles reintroduces purchase restrictions after resumption of panic purchases


Last night there were long lines in supermarkets and the shelves were stripped, prompting Coles to reintroduce purchase restrictions just a day after they were removed.

The restrictions will only be applied to affected areas of Victoria and there will be two items per limit on essential items with one package of toilet paper per customer.

The buying spree started almost immediately after Prime Minister Dan Andrews announced the home support measures that would be applied for the Melbourne metropolitan area and the Mitchell Shire.

A user on Twitter said he encountered queues when he visited the supermarket yesterday afternoon.

“Please don’t panic buying. I just tried to go to the supermarket and there was a queue around the corner. Yes,” user Caitlin Woods tweeted.

Another posted images of a line of customers waiting outside a Melbourne Coles.

Others shared images of bare shelves stripped of essentials.

Metropolitan Melbourne and Mitchell Shire will enter the third phase of restrictions starting at 11.59pm this evening.

Under these restrictions, residents will have only four reasons why they can leave their homes: buy essential goods and services such as food, give and receive care, work or study, and exercise daily.

The restrictions will remain in place for six weeks.

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