Coldplay: Music of The Spheres World Tour, the video teaser concert series

After a year 2020 without concerts, Coldplay seems ready to find its audience. A few weeks ago, Chris Martin and his band released a new opus – Music of the Spheres. Carried by the excellent Higher Power, the latter reconnects with the colorful pop so beloved by fans. After a (successful) collaboration with BTS on My Universe, Coldplay has also joined forces with those of Selena Gomez to better offer us a festive and touching album – what better way to approach this post-covid period. The good news is that this opus, Coldplay intends to come and defend it on stage. : while the group already intends to invest the Stade de France this summer, it will embark on a real world tour. And to make you want to find them, nothing beats a video teaser:

  • SPECIAL GUESTS – H.E.R, Camila Cabello et London Grammar

While the French dates are already full, know that Virgin Radio sends you to applaud Coldplay in London! To have a chance of winning, all you need to do is listen to the Virgin Tonic, MiKL sur Virgin Radio but also our waves all day long!

  • And to find all the dates, go below:


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