Coeur de pirate postpones concerts planned in France

In full European tour, Cœur de pirate announces in a story Instragram will have to postpone concerts planned in France for the month of March 2022.

Béatrice Martin shared this news while she and her musicians already hit the road a few weeks ago for this new tour. Her upcoming childbirth seems to have precipitated this decision which is “a great deal of pain” to the artist.

We tried to see all the options available, and we did our best, but faced with a situation that was beyond my control, I found it too risky to go on the road with a newborn child.

Cpirate heart in a story Instagram

While some fans may be disappointed, Cpirate’s heart reassures them: “It is only part postponement”. Venues have already started rescheduling concerts at later dates, which will give the singer more time to enjoy her motherhood. For the moment, the Quebec concerts scheduled for April do not seem to be affected and remain on the program.

Fans of CThe heart of a pirate in France can nevertheless be consoled with the very recent album by the singer-songwriter from Quebec. Impossible to love, but also, coincidence of the calendar, with the duet formed by the singer with Georgio for Blurred concept, a song by the French rapper, whose music video was shot a few weeks ago in Montreal.

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