Codelco and the El Teniente division union reach agreement and collective bargaining was closed with 0% salary readjustment


After a series of intense negotiations, the El Teniente division of Codelco closed by advancing its collective bargaining process with the supervisors union, after the signing of a collective agreement that will be in force for 36 months and that will take effect from next November.

The agreement establishes 0% salary readjustment, a negotiation term bonus of $ 3.6 million liquid, -which is 53.4% ​​less compared to the previous negotiation-, and variable incentives, which will be effective only if the goals of productivity, costs and contribution of resources to the State are met.

In any case, these guidelines extend to non-union professionals in the division, and do not consider loans.

All of the above was endorsed by 368 professionals of the 408 associated with the union, which corresponds to 90% of the total members. In this line, both reaffirmed their commitment to continue advancing in issues related to environmental care, the contribution to the community and the delivery of the surpluses committed for this 2020.

Despite the fact that the conditions reached in this framework agreement were deeply affected by the severity of the Covid-19 crisis, with the advancement and successful completion of the collective negotiations, the state-owned mining company closes one of its open weaknesses.

From Codelco, meanwhile, they highlighted the tone of the negotiation, where as they point out “where the responsibility and shared vision prevailed between the supervision of El Teniente and the company to meet the goals and achieve the best results for Chile and the Region of O ‘ Higgins ”.

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