Coahuila. Man arrested for killing a dog with machetes in San Pedro

San Pedro, Coahuila /

A man killed a dog with machetes in the ejido Nilo de San Pedrowhich led to a fight in which even firearm detonations were reported.

The report was taken by the authorities around 2:00 p.m. on Monday afternoon, so units of the police arrived at the scene. Coahuila Civil Police and there they located three people.

It was reported that the man goes by the name of Luis Abraham, who according to his version, he killed the animal because it was very brave and would have attacked him on other occasions.

For this reason, he acted violently against the animal, which he He gave him several machetes until he died.

This caused that two other neighbors of the ejido will look for him to attack him and it was when shots were allegedly reported, which were later denied, since it was only mentioned in order for the authorities to come.

The dog’s assailant was arrested, as were the other two men. The person responsible for the death of the dog was made available to the ministerial authorities by animal violencea crime for which his legal situation would be determined.


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