Carrying cocaine as a cake and arresting men and women, Maine, USA

(CNN) A man and a woman carrying cocaine in the trunk of a car, disguised as a cake, were arrested in Maine, eastern United States.

Investigators, who were informed by an anonymous person, stopped men’s and women’s cars on the main road in Gardiner, southwestern province, on the 20th, the state’s drug control authorities said.

It is said that a drug detection dog has squeezed out the illegal drugs on the car. About 1.8 kg of cocaine and about $ 1,900 in cash (about 210,000 yen), which is thought to be the sales of drugs, were found in the trunk.

The market capitalization of cocaine is estimated to be around $ 200,000. Some were hardened into blocks and packaged as cakes. It was said that it was sprinkled with coffee powder to disguise the smell.

In addition to the cake, about $ 1900 in cash was confiscated / Maine Drug Enforcement Agency / AP

Authorities are asking agencies for other similar seizures to determine the source of the shipment, assuming that cocaine was brought in from abroad in this condition.

The suspected men and women have been imprisoned in the state and charged with malicious drug smuggling. If convicted, he will be sentenced to up to 20 years in prison. Local police and a Department of Homeland Security team are cooperating in the investigation.


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