Closing of the Guadix Lenten Concert Series with Mozart’s Requiem

Next Friday, at 8:00 p.m. in the Church of San Francisco, the cycle of Lenten concerts ‘The essential hope’, organized by the Municipal Symphonic Band of Guadix (BSMMG), closes with Mozart’s Requiem as a finishing touch gold of this programming.

It is a symphonic meeting where the BSMMG will be accompanied by the excellent Granada opera choir, where they will face the challenge of interpreting the transcription of Mozart’s Requiem for a brass band by the composer Juan Jesús Moreno Muñoz. The cycle is organized by the councils of Fiestas and Brotherhoods and Brotherhoods and Culture, represented by Encarnación Molero and Encarni Pérez respectively.

So that many people can enjoy the Requiem, it will be broadcast on YouTube. The attendance of the public will be hardly testimonial since the instrumental and choral formation is wide, the space is small and the risks to be reduced many.

The few places offered in person can be reserved from this Monday at 11:00 h. by phone 958662995 or by email at [email protected]

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