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By Edgar F. Garza Ancira

Claudia Sheinbaum, Head of Government in CDMX, is transparent in the accountability of the actions that her government carries out to guarantee the economic well-being of the inhabitants, recovering the economic growth, employment and investments that were held until before the pandemic.

He devoted special attention to reorienting public spending to families, especially the most vulnerable, linking each peso with a budget program, so that each action translates into a social benefit.

CDMX is one of the most dynamic in the global economy, since it has the largest number of markets and clients concentrated in a single region of the country and with enormous potential to be an active and leading competitor in the new world dynamics, positioning itself as the ideal city for investments.

The budget approved for 2023 for the CDMX will be more than 248 thousand 415 million pesos (mdp), representing an increase of 6.2%, compared to 2022. 15 thousand 451 million pesos will be allocated to social programs, among which wellness stands out for girls and boys, my scholarship to start, supplies and school uniforms.

While 28 thousand 967.9 million pesos will be for the integration of mobility; 21 thousand 173.8 million pesos for the health sector; 18 thousand 157.1 million pesos for education and 15 thousand 845.1 million pesos for the environment. In addition, a strong boost is given to the tourism sector, by allocating 85.5% more. An increase of 6.2% was also granted to the 16 mayors, stressing that none will receive fewer resources than in 2022.

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The capital is consolidated as the entity with the highest GDP per capita (407,839 per person) and is classified as the one with the greatest economic diversification, having 941 sectors, between productive and development. The foregoing allows the capture of the largest Foreign Direct Investment in the entire country with 7,973.2 million dollars; a sign of the confidence it offers to investors and the one that generates the largest number of jobs (more than 107,000), coupled with the fact that it registers the smallest wage gap between men and women.

Likewise, to reactivate the local economy, it launched the Program for the Improvement, Rehabilitation and Maintenance of 189 public markets; the strengthening of the system to expedite procedures for the operation of commercial establishments, which in four years has granted 79,698 business procedures, as well as the transformation of the Vallejo industrial zone to turn it into the most important pole of innovation and employment generation in Valle de Mexico.

The foregoing is a small sample of the innumerable actions carried out by the Head of Government, who will continue to work hard to maintain and modernize the urban infrastructure of public transportation, drinking water, sanitation, health, security, and economic growth in Mexico City.

Edgar F. Garza Ancira

Director of multinational companies and consortiums, as well as Founder of the civil association Dime y Juntos lo Hacemos


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