Civitavecchia, puppy dog ​​locked in a car for two months: citizens ask the Mayor for help

Civitavecchia – For over two months, a puppy has been living in a cage in the back seat of a car, with the windows closed and without water. It happens in Civitavecchia, in via Sabatini, and there are many reports from residents and passers-by, who have appealed to the Mayor to intervene to resolve the unacceptable situation.

And the mayor Ernesto Tedesco has made it known that, as early as November 5, through the Auxiliary Rural Guard in charge of the case, the local police and the carabinieri intervened with the owner of the puppy (a pointing dog, of the Breton breed), which was found to have no microchip.



The owner was asked to microchipping it within five days and so he did, promising not to leave him alone in the car anymore. In the following weeks, however, various other reports were received and other interventions were made by the police, but by the time they arrived, the puppy had already been taken away. “The people in charge of the Zoophilic Guard – communicate from the Mayor’s Secretariat – have recently ordered the owner to take care of the dog adequately, otherwise the kennel would have seized it“.

The checks carried out in recent days (the last in the afternoon of January 12) have verified the absence of the puppy inside the car. “We will continue to monitor the situation“, Ensure from the Municipality.

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