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As part of its youth civic education program, the consortium of youth associations for the defense of violence in Guinea (Cojedev-Guinea) visited yesterday, Saturday, May 29, 2021, the Hadja Mariama Soumah school group, located in the Foula Madina district, in the upper suburbs of Conakry. The leaders of this civil society organization discussed with several students from this school the evils that plague Guinean youth and the solutions to these problems, noted through one of its journalists.

This initiative aims to enable these young students to know the behaviors to adopt to avoid falling into social flaws: drug and alcohol consumption, juvenile delinquency, banditry, theft, rape, robbery. … And political manipulation.

Mamadou Boussouriou Diallo, President of Cojedev-Guinea

“We chose this school because first of all, it is in an area which is a little out of the way of the municipality of Ratoma. Although political violence is not very widespread there, there are other forms of violence that we experience in families, at school, but also in the streets. We wanted to discuss with the students of this school on the behavior that a good young person should have, namely: respect for the law, mastery of legal instruments related to the exercise of certain civil and political rights. The behaviors that a young person must have towards society, towards the Republic, towards the family and the rest of the community ”, explains Mamadou Boussouriou Diallo, president of Cojedev -Guinea. He adds that his organization produced, thanks to the artist André Flamy, a text Slam in which they identified “the real difficulties facing young people in Guinea”.

François Kalivogui, project manager of the NGO Cojedev-Guinea

Cojedev-Guinea has also produced a school booklet, through which the NGO educates students on what a young person should do and what he should avoid. “Today we have projected this school booklet in which we have listed many ailments, such as the plagues that plague our society. We talked about drug use, juvenile delinquency, theft, rape, etc. And as solutions, we talked about respect for the law, respect for institutions, protection of national heritage, respect for State symbols, protection of the environment… ”, indicated the Cojedev project manager. -Guinea, François Kalivogui.

Mariama Camara Aziz, student of the 12th participating social sciences

At the end of this meeting, the students welcomed this initiative of Cojedev-Guinea, which allowed them to learn to behave better in order to hope for a bright future. The participants promised to apply the advice received and to popularize it with other young people. “I learned a lot today during this dialogue. And I will do everything to popularize this to my friends, ”said Mariama Camara, a student in class of Social Sciences.

Saïdou Hady Diallo for

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