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In the city park in Herbolzheim, playing children regularly step into dog poo. Now the city has issued a dog ban for the site from January 2022.

The large meadow in the city park in Herbolzheim (Emmendingen district) is ideal for walking. Here dog owners can also play Frisbee and romp around with their darlings. When they do their business there, many masters and mistresses collect the remains in the dog bags. But not all of them. Again and again there are complaints from the nearby elementary school. The children use the park to play during the long break and during childcare hours, says educator Michaela Buselmeier.

“I’ve kicked dog poop a lot. My mom always pissed me off.”

Local council decides to ban dogs

The city of Herbolzheim has now pulled the rip cord. From January 2022, dogs are no longer allowed in the park. The municipal council has passed a corresponding ban.

Children’s health comes first

For the city of Herbolzheim, the health of primary school children is paramount. They would mainly use the park, says head of the office, Bruno Witt. After all, a dog ban on public playgrounds is undisputed. Nevertheless, there are violent protests against the ban on the part of dog owners who stick to the rules.

“You can pay a lot of dog tax. But there is nowhere you can walk with the dogs.”

Dorothea Buselmeier is also angry. She walks her dog Arthos in the city park several times a day. She is annoyed that she is now being punished for the negligence of other dog owners.

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City is looking for compensation areas

After all, it will not be the case, says Head of the Office, Bruno Witt, “that the park will be patrolled every day from January onwards”. And a solution should be found for the dog owner. The city is currently looking for an area to compensate for going for walks.


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