City of Biel relies on the talent of four artists

As announced by the city of Biel, the Department of Education, Culture and Sport has selected four artists to support career development.


They are the musician Irina Mossi, the filmmaker Jonas Scheu, the visual artist Maya Hottarek and the visual artist Gil Pellaton. They were rated as particularly promising by the cultural commission and each received a grant of CHF 40,000 spread over two years.

As part of the first two calls for proposals, the work of six artists, who each show different and very personal approaches, could be funded thanks to the support. On the occasion of the call for proposals for the period 2022 to 2023 in spring 2022, 17 dossiers that met the criteria were submitted. These were evaluated by the Culture Commission, which then made a recommendation for four candidatures.

Maya Hottarek and Irina Mossi

The work of Maya Hottarek (1990), who studied fine arts in Bern and Basel, is characterized, among other things, by the combination of sculpture and sound or video. Her extremely original installations have been shown, for example, in the Langmatt Museum in Baden, in the KRONE COURONNE in Biel and at Liste Art Fair Basel during Art Basel. In addition, the artist was awarded the Prix Kunstverein in 2018 and the Prix Anderfuhren in 2019. In the next two years she wants to perfect her handling of the ceramic sculpture.

While studying to be a social worker, Irina Mossi (1990) began singing in several bands from the Biel region. In 2019 she formed her own band and the following year her first album entitled «Royalty» was released. She owes her songs, a mixture of soul, reggae and pop, an award from the program “SRF 3 Best Talent”. The support of the city of Biel gives her the opportunity to expand her live band, go on tour with it and compose new songs.

Jonas Scheu and Gil Pellaton

After studying at the art academies in Zurich and Geneva, Jonas Scheu (1980) worked as a photographer and filmmaker. He has directed several short and medium-length films, including the documentary “Ma Yan Chan – Waves of Transition” (2017), which made it into the selection of the most prestigious festivals for documentary films such as the Visions du Réel in Nyon and the DOK. firmly in Munich. In the next two years Scheu will devote himself to the preparations for his first feature film entitled «The Shamans Calling».

Gil Pellaton (1982) trained as a graphic designer in Biel and then studied fine arts in Basel. His sculptures and installations were subsequently shown in numerous exhibition venues in Switzerland and abroad, from Art Môtiers to the Center culturel suisse in Paris. The quality and originality of his artistic approach also earned him the Aeschlimann-Corti grant in 2020 and the Manor Art Prize in 2022. Career development support will allow him to perfect his technical skills and create new installations.

Career development support was launched for the period 2020-2023. The performance contracts with the four currently selected artists are the last of this period. At the end of the term, the impact of this support on the career and work of the ten selected artists will be assessed.

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