Circus receives Arthur Zelger Prize | Tirol Werbung GmbH, June 30th, 2021

Tyrol (OTS) The Innsbruck graphic design office Circus has won the Arthur Zelger Prize for good design, which will be awarded for the second time in 2021. Initiated by Zelger’s daughters, sponsored by Tirol Werbung and organized by WEI SRAUM. Designforum Tirol honors the award for outstanding achievements in the field of graphics and design related to Tyrol. The scholarship, also endowed with 5000 euros, is shared by Stephanie Walter and Elisabeth Eiter.

Esprit, humor, intellectual depth and a clear handwriting – with these characteristics the work of the Innsbruck office for communication and design Circus convinced the six-member jury of the Arthur Zelger Prize. Cultural State Councilor Beate Palfrader presented this Wednesday in the Landhaus together with Zelger’s daughters Nicola Schlachter-Zelger and Elisabeth Mittermayr, the jury chair Anita Kern, Tirol Advertising Director Florian Phleps and Nicola Weber from WEI SRAUM Designforum Tirol and Kurt Höretzeder, who played a key role in the design of the award, the award endowed with 5000 euros.

“The design office Circus has supported cultural establishments, companies and the public sector conceptually and graphically and has played a key role in shaping their public image. This also applies to our country, whose culture magazine Quart has been creating the award winners for around 20 years. The award is given to an outstanding example of graphic work that has a particularly close connection with Tyrol, “says a delighted cultural counselor Beate Palfrader.

Outstanding contribution to the visual culture of Tyrol

The jury sees it similarly in its reasoning, as chairwoman Anita Kern, graphic designer and design researcher, makes clear: “The defining personalities Andreas Schett, Michaela Posch and Klaus Mayr stand for the Circus office. With their work they have made an outstanding contribution to the visual culture of Tyrol. ”The winners impressed with their consistently high-quality visual work, which has lasted for more than 25 years, and were thus ranked at the top of the designer personalities and collectives nominated by the jury .

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From September 28th, an exhibition will be dedicated to the Circus office in the WEI SRAUM Designforum Tirol.

At the same time as the award, the Arthur Zelger grant was also awarded, which is also endowed with 5000 euros. This supports the final theses of young designers who come from Tyrol or whose work is related to Tyrol. It wants to be a driving force for innovative design, research and development projects. This year the jury shared the scholarship. Stephanie Walter’s diploma project is funded with 3000 euros, that of Elisabeth Eiter with 2000 euros.

Humor as an important quality

“In our father’s opinion, a good designer needs not only manual skills and knowledge of the laws of design, but logical thinking and creativity as well as a sense of humor. I think our father would have been delighted with this year’s award winners, ”said Nicola Schlachter-Zelger and Elisabeth Mittermayr, Arthur Zelger’s two daughters, with certainty.

“Attention has become a scarce commodity. In order to stand out from the masses of messages, creative achievements and good design are needed more than ever. It is therefore important to us not only to honor designers who have worked for many years, but also to the next generation of designers, as is evident from the scholarship, ”emphasizes Tirol Werbung Managing Director Florian Phleps.

“Creative work does not come about in anonymity. It lives from the commitment of influential personalities and the energy of good cooperation. This is exactly what the Arthur Zelger Prize wants to show: the people behind the projects. Young designers are also very important here. Young people should find a productive breeding ground for their work and openness to experiments in Tyrol, ”explains Nicola Weber from the WEI SRAUM Design Forum Tyrol.

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Detailed information and photos from the award ceremony will be available for download on Wednesday, June 30th, from around 7 p.m. on the website.

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