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PostedJune 27, 2021, 2:40 PM

“The Tomorrow War”, a big production starring Chris Pratt, will be released online only because of the pandemic. The director fears that the film will be less captivating.

“The Tomorrow War” director Chris McKay calls on viewers to watch his film on the biggest screen possible.

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A Hollywood star, a big show sci-fi movie with a “Terminator” style plot and a budget of around $ 200 million: “The Tomorrow War” was calibrated to draw millions of viewers in theaters this summer . But the coronavirus has changed everything. The film starring Chris Pratt will be released direct to Amazon Prime on July 2, without going through the cinema box. It was purchased by the video on demand platform last January, when the Covid-19 pandemic brought the entertainment industry to a halt, with no guarantee of the future at the time.

“Please don’t watch it on your phones,” begged Chris McKay, director of “The Tomorrow War”. “Watch it on the biggest screen possible with the volume on maximum, push the sound,” he said. “Invite the neighbors so they don’t mind, but watch it with lots of people because you’re going to have a really good time,” McKay added. The film can be summed up quite simply: travelers arrive from the future, where a horrific alien invasion threatens to eradicate humanity. They beg their parents and grandparents to time travel with them in 2051 to help them fend off these hordes of nightmarish and bloodthirsty creatures.

“The Tomorrow War” combines action-packed action scenes shot in Iceland with elements of horror films and family drama and even addresses the impact of climate change. “When we were making the film, we had certain existential threats in mind, such as our responsibility to future generations,” McKay said. “And then the Covid-19 arrived,” recalls the director, which forced the team to complete the production of the film at home and remotely, the shooting of which was almost completed before the pandemic. The comparison between the two worlds, turned upside down by the arrival of a planetary threat requiring a united response from humanity, was striking, says Chris McKay.

From sitcoms to big productions

For Betty Gilpin, who plays the psychologist wife of Chris Pratt, himself playing a former military man, “The Tomorrow War” is a double hit: a film of pure entertainment, he takes the opportunity to “slip” also a message or two on our obligations towards the planet. “Sounds like it’s going to be a light and futile movie, but it really has some clever things to tell,” said the actress, made popular by “GLOW”, a Netflix series about a group of American wrestlers in the years. 1980.

His trajectory, from comedy series to big-budget movies, mirrors that of Chris Pratt himself, which was first revealed by his role on the sitcom “Parks and Recreation”. Since then, Chris Pratt has gained muscle and toured in some of America’s greatest sagas, like the “Guardians of the Galaxy” or the “Jurassic World” movies. He took the opportunity to marry the eldest daughter of another action movie legend, Katherine Schwarzenegger.

In “The Tomorrow War”, the actor plays a former special forces soldier who feels cramped in his new life as a teacher, until he signs up to fight aliens in the future. . “He’s a movie star but he can do so many different things and be incredibly vulnerable,” said Chris McKay, expressing “respect” for the comedian’s journey.


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