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This is what to propel a career! Christophe Maé was the guest Wednesday January 13, 2021 of Anne Roumanoff in his show It feels good sure Europe 1. The opportunity for the 45-year-old artist to have a little thought for Johnny Hallyday, who died on December 5, 2017, to whom he owes a lot. Indeed, Christophe Maé had been spotted by the rocker who had chosen him ten years ago to play the first parts of his concerts during his Tour 66.Laeticia and Johnny came to see me at the Zénith in Paris, ten years ago. My album had just taken and at the end of the concert, he comes to see me, he grabs me by the neck and he says to me: “I’m going on the road, in not long. If that sounds like you, I’ll take you with it. me and you do my first parts … “”, Christophe Maé remembered during an interview with Midi-Free, put online June 26, 2018. A real baptism of fire for Christophe Maé (Martichon of his real name). During the first concert, he did not lead off against the illustrious performer ofLight the fire. He also keeps a mixed memory. “Yannick Noah warned me that it was not an easy exercise”, he revealed on Europe 1.

Johnny Hallyday, a real showman, did not really leave room for Christophe Maé to shine. he “lived for the stage and […] came to life on stage “, continues Nadège Sarron’s husband. However, Johnny Hallyday had recognized in him all his potential. Better yet: he liked her. “It was very nice to experience because he had me looking good. And, that was cool “, enthuses Christophe Maé. And for good reason, Christophe Maé wrote the title for Johnny Hallyday Fatal embraces that we can discover in the album It will never end released in 2008. Nevertheless, the young singer of the time is intimidated by Johnny Hallyday, whom he does not dare to disturb by knocking on the door of his dressing room during the first concert in which he participates.

“It was terrible to live”

It was the idol of young people himself who had to go to his young foal’s lodge. Both will then exchange a cigarette. The opportunity to break the ice… and for Johnny Hallyday, to ask Christophe Maé a favor. “Every evening, you do the first part and then you come to see me in my dressing room to give me the temperature of the audience”. The singer will perform. It was to occur, the first night, in front of more than 80,000 spectators at the Stade de France. He then remembers the reaction of Johnny Hallyday lookalikes, taken aback by his voice, very different from that of Taulier. “I landed with my little songs, On s’attache, etc. Johnny’s audience is there, with Johnny lookalikes in the front row looking at me askance […] And there, frankly, I did not have a very good time. It was terrible to live.” An experience that will however have taken off his career in no time.

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