Chisato Moritaka, concert at a place related to the representative song “Watarase Bridge” Before the closing of the Ashikaga Community Hall of memories: Tokyo Shimbun TOKYO Web

Singer Chisato Moritaka held a performance in Ashikaga City on the 25th, which is also the anniversary of her debut = photo, upfront provided. In the place related to the representative song “Watarasebashi”, he showed his hit number with all his heart.

Moritaka appeared in her trademark miniskirt and started with “Fight !!”. “It’s hard for everyone to speak out, but I’m grateful for the concert as much as possible,” he said.

Before the performance, he stopped by “Yakumo Shrine” that appears in the lyrics and reported that he had crossed the Watarasebashi. The recorder played in the interlude of the same song was sad.

The venue, Ashikaga Community Hall, unveiled “Watarase Bridge” for the first time in 1993, and is a place of memories that was overwhelmed by the big chorus of local fans. Due to aging, the museum will be closed in June.

“Even if I become an oba,” “17 years old,” “feeling refreshed,” Moritaka revealed his regret for the hall and said, “Ashikaga is my second home. It’s special for everyone. I want it to be a place. “

The performance started with a tour that had been postponed since last year due to Corona. (Joint)

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