Chirico: ‘Spadafora, a sports bar minister who did not digest the 3-0 of Juve-Napoli at a table’


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I have seen many Presidents of the Council, or simple fan ministers, but over the years I don’t remember one of them getting to take bad words with a player. At least not as it happened this time between Ronaldo and Spadafora, in this case less minister of sport and more minister of sports bar. Here it is not a question of siding with one or the other, of siding with those we like the most, it is a simple matter of roles: those who hold an institutional position should, in my opinion, have another type of behavior. As a representative of the government and not, in fact, as a fan at the bar. Ronaldo too could have avoided the clash, but I think he was bothered by being outlawed by a minister of the Republic.

It is not even accidental that the altercation occurred just this week, after the verdict of the sports judge on Juve-Napoli and the subsequent controversies, for the simple reason that the minister has a blue heart too and, like many other Neapolitan fans, he did not like Mastrandrea’s decision, even more so after having also suggested that he use wisdom before formulating it. Probably the federal judge did not use enough of it and this bothered Spadafora, as was already clear from his speech in the Senate – prior to the clash with CR7 – when he had publicly recalled the teams to respect the anti-Covid protocols, “if someone does not respect them, then there are cases that we read in the news in the newspapers”. The reference was not addressed to the Napoli players who did not enter the bubble after Zielinski’s positivity, but to those of Juventus who came out of the bubble without authorization during the stop for the national teams. “And the break in isolation was reported by the same club to the prosecutor” remarked the minister, referring precisely to Juve.

Then the frontal attack on CR7: “He violated the protocol” and, as such, the law. But he was not the only one, because 5 other teammates did as well to leave the JHotel and reach the retreats of the respective national teams. More Buffon, who went home instead. The minister preferred to hit the big target. And the response of the interested party was not long in coming: “A gentleman in Italy says that I have not followed the protocol, but it is not true”. And there Spadafora saw no more, giving Ronaldo the arrogant, the disrespectful towards the institutions and even the liar. The latter accusation is very serious. Also because the Turin Prosecutor’s Office is investigating the supposed “escape” of CR7 and his companions and before launching indiscriminate accusations one should wait for the outcome of these investigations, even more so by a representative of the State.

The minister should also know that the protocol, agreed between the Scientific Technical Committee, the Federation and the Football League, requires the clubs to communicate to the local ASL the changes of domicile by their members during the period of isolation, and this is what Juventus has done. Then, according to practice, the ASL has in turn turned the communications to the Prosecutor. Not a real complaint, but a report. Side note: we are talking about workers who have moved to reach the retreats of their national teams, not to leave who knows where on holiday without the knowledge of their club. This alone should absolve them of any accusation and quell the controversy. There are other real crimes and the daily news is sadly full of them. In this case the possible punishment would not be jail, but a fine.

However, since there are Juventus players involved, everything is amplified. Taking extreme positions should at least be avoided, however, by a minister of the Republic, too often against football and those who practice it, especially at the highest levels, almost as if he felt envy. Just an impression, for heaven’s sake, but the reply to Ronaldo reinforces it.

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