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The global chip shortage has lasted for more than half a year, and the prices of large and small chip products are rising. The domestic semiconductor industry is no exception. The recent half-year report performance has been dazzling.AStocks broke out today, multiple stocks20cmDaily limit.

6month30day,AThe chip sector broke out again, with Fuman Electronics, Chipengwei, Ming Microelectronics and other stocks staged20%Daily limit, Lixinwei, Shengbang shares and other stocks rose more than10%

Many stocks such as Changchuan Technology, Shengbang Co., Ltd., Allwinner Technology, Guokewei, and Northern China Chuang, set record highs in intraday trading.

It is worth mentioning that,Recently, Fuman Electronics, the leader in the chip sector, hit a record high, with a cumulative increase during the year.295.55%

Regarding this price increase, many brokerage analysts said that the semiconductor industry chain is tight as the upstream raw material prices rise, wafer and packaging and testing capacity are tight and the supply exceeds demand.

The delivery cycle of semiconductor products is still lengthening, prices are still rising, and the shortage of goods has not been eased. At present, the delivery cycle of various types of chips is generally12More than a month, and there is a tendency to continue to extend, the price also shows a general upward trend.


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