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China Harvard Fans invites you to meet in the Desert Heroes Club Car owners carnival “Say Wild” Alxa

Tide play, pet the tide and show off the wild skills, and the tough off-road guy invites you to impress Alxa. From October 1st to October 5th, the 16th Alxa Desert Heroes Meeting will be held in the hinterland of the Badain Jaran Desert, Alxa Right Banner, Inner Mongolia. At that time, China Haval will bring Haval Big Dog and Haval H9-2022 to go wild. , Open the pet fan interaction in the form of desert off-road, tide play carnival, dazzling technology interaction and camping event, and bravely rush to the desert and restless Alashan to enjoy the exciting and unlimited fun of tide play.

Chaowan Saye invites you to restlessly eleven long holidays

For users who love cross-country Sahuan, reading countless mountains and rivers, and seeing all the storms, the bravery and unpredictable engraved in their bones is a life lesson given by nature. In this year’s Alxa Heroes’ Association, China Harvard will do its best to favor fans, further fulfilling the cross-country dreams of users walking the world with swords. In order to satisfy the user’s desire to ride the desert Gobi, Haval prepared the “Brave to Alashan and Tengger” desert road trip. While viewing the beautiful scenery of the Gobi all the way, you can enjoy the joy of cross-country joy.

During the event, China’s Haval popular model Haval Big Dog brought users cute pet energy stations, beauty car wash rooms, Hagobang car owners passionate singing, desert photography and Douyin short video challenge competitions and other links. For users participating in the Desert Heroes Club, Haval Big Dog will also present rich gifts such as 500 gas cards, exclusive camp tents, star concert tickets, and on-site test drive experience to help more friends enjoy the Hero Club and enjoy it. With passion for playing in the trend, the trend leads the industry to a new height in favor of fans.

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In addition to the massive offline tide play interaction to help users stir up Alxa, this year’s hero meeting, Harvard Dog will also bring online live broadcast shows, and will open camp live show and Douyin online work challenge and other trendy play links. To help more netizens to view the interactive show online, and to give away a limited amount of car models, figures and water bottles, etc., download Haval Zhijia immediately or follow the official account of Haval Dog Douyin, and more exciting is waiting for you.

The trendy industry’s top-notch pet big dog pet fans have no limits

In the upcoming Alxa Heroes’ Meeting, China Haval will definitely work with users to bring a new experience of trendy play and lead the pet fan interactive industry to a new level. In fact, looking at the auto market, China Haval has always been one of the representative brands of pet fans MAX. In the just-concluded annual pet fan party, the popular model Haval Big Dog even used online live broadcast to give gifts and offline trends. In the form of play and interaction, the audience has fun with car owners and users, and brought the “Big Dog+” plan, and combined with cross-border brands such as Madiel and Tuniu, to create an interactive ecosystem for car owners, and realize the expansion from “car life” to “Human life” cross-border united clothing, food, housing, transportation and multi-field top brand, further circle the new generation of fans.

While the bulldog is out of the street crazy fans, in terms of product strength, the Haval Big Dog is also one of the best solutions for users to travel. As the only load-bearing SUV with two differential locks within 300,000, Haval Dog can use two differential locks and intelligent four-wheel drive mode to escort users in the face of desert challenges. At the same time, thanks to the application of six all-terrain modes such as sand, mud and snow, Haval Big Dog can intelligently adjust the torque output, making off-road more convenient and comfortable.

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At the same time, Haval Big Dog is equipped with a V3 intelligent platform, which supports voice interaction and remote FOTA upgrades. At the same time, it can provide users with massive online entertainment. Users only need to say “Big dog, I want to listen to the desert camel”, and the car can be automatically pushed. Music services help users enjoy the company of golden assistance when chasing poetry and distant places in the tide of self-driving.

As the flagship SUV of China’s Haval off-road, Haval H9-2022 wild and wild will also show its majesty in the Alxa Desert Heroes. The Haval H9 2022 model adds a 2500kg trailer qualification, and the rear is equipped with a 13-pin trailer power interface. Go camping with the RV, and play more at ease.

If you can’t wait to enjoy the charm of Sahuan bravely rushing to Alashan, feel the special style of fun and party, and look forward to crossing the desert with your friends to see the beautiful scenery of the lonely yellow sand, then the 2021 Desert Heroes will definitely not be missed. The wave of petting big dogs hits, the smart hardcore all-terrain SUV Haval H9-2022 invites you to play off-road, wonderful not to be missed, let us wait and see!

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