China regulates homework and cram schools, corrects stuffing, reduces burden | Kahoku Shimpo Online News / ONLINE NEWS

July 24, 2021 21:55

[Beijing Joint]On the 24th, the Chinese government announced that it would limit the amount of homework for elementary and junior high school students and regulate the establishment of cram schools. The aim is to correct excessive cramming education and reduce the burden on children and students.
Do not give written homework in the first and second grades of elementary school. As a guideline for the amount of homework, the time should not exceed one hour for third to sixth graders and one and a half hours for junior high school students. Instead, encourage household chores, sports, and reading.
The establishment of new cram schools will not be permitted, and existing cram schools will be non-profit organizations. With a major cram school in mind, it was forbidden to raise funds in the stock market and invest in the cram school business.
In China, there is fierce competition between schools and cram schools against the backdrop of intensifying competition for entrance exams.

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