China is obsessed with BTS… U.S. sitcom special edition appearances deleted, why

‘Butter’ topped the UK’s Official Singles Chart… own best record


Recently, BTS captivated the world with their new song ‘Butter’, breaking Guinness records one after another. But in China, it seems that the situation is not pretty. China removed the part where BTS appeared in the special edition of the popular American sitcom ‘Friends’.

This is Onnuri reporter.


BTS’ new song ‘Butter’ entered the UK’s official singles chart at #3 this week.

It is the same as the highest entry ranking recorded by ‘Dynamite’, the first English song released in August of last year.

Riding such popularity, BTS’ stage is today… Times Square, USA.

‘Good Morning America’, the American ABC channel’s signature program, met and talked with BTS through video.

[마이클 스트라한/진행자 : ‘유튜브에서 가장 많이 본 영상’ 등 다섯 개의 기네스 기록을 깼죠. 8일 만에 238만뷰를 기록하다니요.]

[RM/BTS : 정말 기쁘고, 이 모든 게 다 저희들의 팬 아미 덕분이죠.]

Aside from the news that it was listed on the Guinness Book of World Records, there was another news about BTS that surprised the United States.

[BTS가 ‘프렌즈 리유니언’에 함께했다면서요?]

[RM/BTS : 10년 정도 ‘프렌즈’는 저의 영어 선생님이었어요. 그래서 출연한 건 정말 영광이고 성공한 팬 같은 느낌도 들어요.]

However, such news is not heard in China.

According to an American entertainment media recently, about 13 seconds of BTS appearances were deleted from the special edition of ‘Friends’ aired in China.

[RM/BTS(프렌즈 출연분) : ‘프렌즈’는 저에게 영어뿐 아니라 인생과 진정한 우정에 대해 가르쳐 줬습니다.]

Chinese fans will not be able to see this scene.

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The American media analyzed that the reason was because BTS was hated by the Chinese government.

[RM/BTS (2020년 10월) : 올해는 한국전쟁 70주년이라 상이 더 뜻깊어요. 우리는 한·미 양국이 함께 겪었던 고난의 역사와 희생을 영원히 기억해야 합니다.]

After this remark, some Chinese fans criticized ‘Why don’t you respect China’s sacrifice’, and China is scolding everything about BTS, including deleting posts from fan accounts.

(Video graphic: Park Kyung-min)

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