China Introduces High Speed ​​Maglev Train | News

China achieved a new milestone in the rail transport sector on Tuesday, presenting a high-speed magnetic levitation train, which reaches speeds of over 600 kilometers per hour.


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High temperature superconducting magnetic levitation (HTS) technology. from laboratory tests in China will make it possible for a trip of a thousand kilometers to be made in two and a half hours.

The new magnetic levitation transportation system made its public presentation in the coastal city of Qingdao, in east China’s Shandong Province.

The 21-meter-long maglev train slowly floated over a 165-meter line designed for the test.

The maglev HTS project was jointly developed by Southwest Jiaotong University, China Railway Group Limited, and CRRC Corporation Limited, with a budget of 60 million yuan (about $ 9.3 million).

Deng Zigang, deputy director of the university’s research center for super-high-speed maglev transport in low-pressure tubes, stressed that “HTS technology can make the train float without electricity, and it can be moved with a single hand.”

The vehicle has been developed by China, marking the country’s latest scientific and technological achievement in the field of rail transit, according to the China Railway Rolling Stock Corporation (CRRC).

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