Children’s Day is approaching Shanghai Zoo, a large number of new cute treasures will be unveiled

Xinmin Evening News (Reporter Jin Minyun) Children’s Day is approaching, and a group of cute baby animals also appeared in Shanghai Zoo. In the first half of this year, dozens of species and nearly a hundred small animals were successfully bred in the park, among which a large number of newborn baby animals will officially meet with tourists during the Children’s Day.

Caption: Photo courtesy of Fennec Fox interview subjects (the same below)



Golden monkey

Baby giraffe



Wild duck

Black-necked swan


In the carnivore exhibition area, visitors can see cute fennec fox and green wolf cubs. In rural areas, you can see native animals such as porcupines, roe deer, civet cats and other “baby walks”. On the Swan Lake, young chicks of various swans and wild ducks have followed their parents to learn to swim and hunt. In the spring and summer breeding herbivore exhibition area, the star animal giraffe is happy to add cubs, the heroic hippo mother “Little Thing” gave birth to the fifth child, and the antelope family also has good news. In the breeding ground, pelicans and penguin chicks broke out of their shells. In the golden monkey kindergarten, the young monkeys played and frolicked.

It is worth mentioning that visitors can see the artificially nurtured primate babies in the “nursery room” of the primate exhibition area, and enjoy the scene of the breeders feeding and playing with these little guys. At present, baby animals such as chimpanzees, collared lemurs, Arabian baboons and yellow-cheeked gibbon live in the “baby room”.


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