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Original title: Beauty plan | Cheng Xiao in the red skirt was so hot

Author: Olivia

The Leroy 12th Anniversary Family Concert in the first two days contributed a lot of famous scenes.

There is Meng Meiqi Justin’s double dance that exaggerates the vibrato;

Fan Chengcheng dyed in Klein Blue;

And, the red skirt Cheng Xiao who is so spicy to me.

A little girl in 1998 has a face that is sweet enough to smile, but she has a plump and graceful figure, which is undoubtedly confirmed.

Her beauty is the beauty of youth and vitality. Some people say that she is very similar to Bei Weiwei in “A Little Smile Is Allure”: “Beautiful eyebrows, attractive eyes, always blushing lips, and a hot body.”

There are not many idols with fleshy sensuality like her. Especially in the dominance of the thin type of internal entertainment, it can be counted with one hand.

In the early days, she was actually a bit fleshy, especially in the stubborn parts of the arms and legs that are easy to fat but not easy to lose. However, because of the long-term dance practice, the leg lines are much tighter than ordinary people.

Later, it may be that my younger sister strengthened her body management, and now you look at her, it seems that she has lost a lot of weight than she was when she started her entertainment a few years ago.

But unlike the dry and thin, she still has a healthy and stylish figure.

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The sturdy “honey thighs” are neither sturdy nor have a sense of strength. Only when combined with her plump body can there be a feeling of unevenness.

Such a good figure of men and women tears, but also has a loli face.

When she first debuted, many people said that she was a realistic version of Chunli. Not only did she have the usual magical curves of anime and female characters, she was spicy and slapstick, and her face was as bright and cute as a Chinese doll.

Like most Asian girls, Cheng Xiao’s five senses are small.

However, she is better than the three-dimensional and symmetrical symbol of the facial features. It is not only for the golden division of facial proportions of Europe and America, but also conforms to the traditional Chinese aesthetics of three courts and five eyes.

The face is full and natural, the bridge of the nose is straight, and the lips are slightly curled and plump. The combination of these words is still on the same face. I feel I need plastic surgery.

In the play, she wears the ponytails of a very young girl and puts on a harmless loli face, but her eyes are cold.

The look of the gun aiming at the prey is somewhat arrogant and evil, and the slightly drooping corners of the mouth also show an attitude of refusing to be thousands of miles away. It feels like a cold-faced boss who doesn’t speak much personally.

The makeup also buffs her CG face.

Cheng Xiao’s eyebrows are different from thick and flat eyebrows, but natural eyebrows with a slight curvature at the peak of the eyebrows. On the one hand, they are more suitable for her own eye shape, and on the other hand, they can make her sweet look not tacky.

The eyeliner is strictly in accordance with the standard of the inner eyeliner, and cannot exceed the outermost eyelashes, so that it will increase the look of the eyes while maintaining the appropriate shade of makeup.

In fact, Cheng Xiao’s eyes are flat and do not have the fullness of lying silkworms, but she will use light pearlescent eyeshadow to brighten the middle of the lower eyelids, which will create a visual effect of fake lying silkworms and make the eyes look softer.

The edge of Cheng Xiao’s lip line is still more prominent and obvious. Obviously, the whole application will be very powerful, so you will find that Cheng Xiao’s lips are always “less painted”.

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Then, apply makeup by blurring to achieve the effect of blurring the border.

Kazlan mist kiss lipstick

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Unique patented oil technology + multi-color particle technology, once you apply the lip, touch the lip cream to turn the mist, the color particles are released instantly, like a color mist bomb exploding between the lips, the misty color is light and covers the lips, showing your personality. Exclusive research and development patented technology, containing sodium hyaluronate essence, while moisturizing lips, the strength to create a matte makeup effect, in the true sense of matte but not dry.

3CE Jiugongge Eyeshadow#some def Taro Mud Plate

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First of all, the texture is soft and waxy, and the color rendering is high; secondly, whoever paints the gray powder color scheme looks good, and the champagne pearl is thinly superimposed on a layer of water, which is really too gentle.

SunniesFace Light Pure Blush Cream #razz

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It looks like a strong dragon fruit color, but in fact, the face is more like the flushing of the skin, and it is not picky. Can be used on a large area, and then cover with the remaining powder on the beauty egg before setting the makeup, so that the effect is more transparent and natural.

Nars Bright Color Long Lasting Cushion Foundation

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An air cushion that has been very windy since its launch is said to be difficult to buy now, and those who follow the trend continuously feel that they have found a treasure. The makeup effect after applying the face is creamy skin, and the concealing power is excellent but at the same time it does not give a heavy makeup feel.

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