Chemist now belongs to the Leopoldina



30.07.2020 – 23:00

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Stefanie stretching

MARBURG (red). Prof. Stefanie Dehn from the Department of Chemistry at the Philipps University in Marburg (PUM) was elected as a member of the Leopoldina, the National Academy of Sciences, in recognition of her academic achievements and her personality. The university announced that its specialist expertise will contribute to stretching in the chemistry section.

The German Academy of Sciences Leopoldina, founded in 1652, is a classic scholarly society with around 1,600 members from almost all areas of science. In 2008 she was named the National Academy of Sciences in Germany. In this function she has two tasks: representing German science abroad and advising politicians and the public. Each member belongs to a section related to him or her. The Leopoldina currently has 27 sections.

Dehn has been a professor of inorganic chemistry at the Philipps University in Marburg since 2006. In 2016 she was accepted as a full member of two regional academic academies (Göttingen and Mainz) and has also been a full member of the European Academy of Sciences (EurASc) since 2019. Photo: PUM / Mogk


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