Chelsea’s Secret Beat Liverpool to Recruit Timo Werner



Chelsea win the competition against Liverpool to get Timo Werner. Chelsea manager Frank Lampard reveal his secret.

Lampard and Chelsea director Petr Cech flew to Germany before the lockdown to meet Werner. The two of them put forward their plans in which he fits the vision.

At first, Liverpool is believed to be the club most likely to get the German international bomber. However, Lampard’s visit impressed Werner so he was determined to choose Chelsea.

Werner landed at Stamford Bridge after being redeemed for GBP 45 million from RB Leipzig in July. Werner is preparing to make his debut in a ‘blue’ shirt when he travels to Brighton in the Premier League on Tuesday (9/15/2020).

“You understand that when there is competition from clubs like Liverpool and Manchester City you need to show the best display to the player,” said Lampard. Standard. “Given that I was a player, I try to sell the club to the best of my ability when I talk to the players. Petr in his role is doing the same.”

“With a player like Timo, we really want to sign him. He needs to feel it from us. I liked everything he said to me in those talks, the same as all the other players.”

“The conversation between manager-players is very important because our relationship has to be good. Everything you can do is the best as a club. I think we can be happy because we have landed players of their level.”

“Now it’s phase two, allowing them to adapt well and play to the best of their ability,” concluded Frank Lampard about recruitment Timo Werner.

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