ChatGPT, a software that is shaking up the education community in Saskatchewan

This software can simulate conversations and write entire essays using some information from the internet.

The University of Regina and La Cité francophone remind that students will face consequences for using this software.

Both institutions say they continue to monitor technological advances and add that using ChatGPT is considered cheating.

Moreover, the associate professor in the department of psychopedagogy and andragogy at the University of Montreal, Nicolas Fernandez, warns about the use of this artificial intelligence system in the school environment.

I think people are worried because the students are not naive, they are very strategic, so they will use itspecifies Nicolas Fernandez while underlining the harmful effects of the software on the development of the pupils.

Education is supposed to teach us to read, to write, to articulate ideas in arguments. ChatGPT does not do thisnote Nicolas Fernandez.

However, the professor believes that ChatGPT makes research easier for students by allowing them to get multiple pieces of information in one simple answer.

According to a computer specialist from the University of Regina Students’ Society, Aoun E Muhammad, it is impossible to detect whether an essay is written by the student or by the ChatGPT software.

With information from Bryanna Frankel

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