Channing Tatum nearly killed Magic Mike co-star Salma Hayek

Salma Hayek recently located herself in a terrifying circumstance. That is for the reason that I could not keep in mind if she was sporting her underwear!

showing up in jimmy kimmel resideSalma defined that the “perilous” stunt did not even seem in the movie.

“Search, you can find one particular element that’s missing [the film] I was upside down and my legs experienced to be someplace,” Salma mentioned.

She continued, “But when I turned it upside down, I was disorientated and did not do what I was intended to do, so in rehearsal, I put my head down and pretty much strike my head.”

Fortunately, Channing stopped her from falling, but caught her in a precarious situation.

“He was clinging to my pants and I was really nervous simply because my trousers were absent. At this instant I could not keep in mind if I had underwear,” Salma reported. admitted.

She says she was so apprehensive about her underwear that she “hung on to my pants” alternatively of boosting her hand to secure her head.

“He claimed, ‘Put your arms up,’ and I stated, ‘No, no, no, no,'” Salma claimed.

Ultimately, everyone else in the studio stepped in to support Salma get off safely and securely, but Channing was bewildered by the whole detail.

“He reported, ‘What’s mistaken?’ I mentioned, ‘What’s completely wrong with me? You have been hoping to destroy me!'” she joked.

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