Changes in Leadership: Yu Jianhua Succeeds He Hua as Legal Representative of Zhongju Hi-tech

(Original title: Change of legal representative of Zhongju Hi-tech, Yu Jianhua succeeds He Hua)

According to the Tianyancha App, on July 28, Zhongju High-tech (600872) underwent industrial and commercial changes. He Hua stepped down as chairman and legal representative and was replaced by Yu Jianhua. At the same time, Zhou Yanmei, Cao Jianjun, and Huang Wei stepped down as directors, and Liang Daheng, Lin Ying and Liu Gerui are directors.

Yao Zhenhua

The company was established in January 1993 with a registered capital of approximately RMB 785 million. Its business scope includes investment in urban infrastructure, real estate development, and property management. It is jointly held by Zhongshan Torch Group Co., Ltd. and Zhongshan Runtian Investment Co., Ltd.

According to previous reports, after Baoneng entered Zhongju High-tech, it launched an eight-year equity tug-of-war with the former largest shareholder Torch. On July 7, the supervisors of Zhongju High-tech Torch Department led the supervisory board to hold an extraordinary shareholders meeting, and four Baoneng directors, including the company’s chairman He Hua, were voted out. Liang Daheng and others were appointed as non-independent directors.

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Yao Zhenhua was furious when he went to the factory to investigate and was rejected

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Hello everyone, another “dog blood” plot happened tonight.

“The security team will take leave immediately, and if they refuse to implement it, they will be dismissed on the spot”

Real business wars are often carried out in the simplest of ways. Last time, the “barbarian” Yao Zhenhua started to fight after being stopped by two security guards of Zhongju High-tech. On July 22, there was another on-site confrontation in Zhongju High-tech late at night.

According to Jiupai Finance and Economics, on July 23, a person familiar with the matter revealed to reporters that Qin Junxue, assistant general manager of the Human Resources Management Center of Baoneng Group, led a team to enter Zhongju High-tech in the middle of the night last night. The insider then showed reporters a surveillance video. In the video, a woman in dark blue short-sleeved clothes asked the security guard, “Who is your leader?” The security guard responded awkwardly, “You should know.”

video screen

In this regard, the woman in the video said, “I’m not very clear. Every time I talk about communicating with the leader, I’m not sure who the leader you are talking about? I don’t know if the person I can contact is recognized by you. leadership.”

Then the woman read a statement to the security team, “In order to protect the safety of the company’s assets, the company decided after research that the security team will start to take a vacation immediately. The specific work arrangements will be notified by the company. Immediately terminate the labor contract.” Then, the camera turned to another team of security personnel in blue uniforms, and someone reminded them of the security handover.

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It is said that Qin Junxue “broke into Zhongju High-tech at night”. After the confrontation between the two sides, someone called the police, and the police rushed to the scene. The new security team brought by Baoneng failed to take over the original security team.

In the announcement of Zhongju High-tech on the evening of July 18, Qin Junxue was the new deputy general manager to be hired by the company.

In this regard, Zhongju High-tech also issued the “Explanation on the Situation of Unidentified Persons Intent to Attack Zhongju High-tech Factory” on the 23rd.

In the early morning of July 23, an unidentified gang appeared outside the company’s factory area, intending to attack the factory area and disrupt the company’s normal production and operation order.

Zhongju High-tech stated that because the behavior did not have a legal company process approval, and had caused a great threat to the company’s normal production and operation, personnel and property safety, the company decisively called the police and notified the company’s dormitory and nearby employees to voluntarily rush back to the company Assist enterprises to maintain normal order. The company’s security personnel and on-site employees built a human wall in front of Gate No. 1 to prevent unknown personnel from attacking the factory building. The two sides fell into a stalemate for a while. In such a critical situation, Qin and other new executives drove away alone, regardless of the company’s operating order and the safety of employees.

Five minutes later, the police from the Development Zone Public Security Bureau and the nearby police station arrived at the scene. After being dealt with by the police, the above-mentioned unidentified person left the scene at 1:26 am on July 23. This is a serious mass security incident. This behavior not only seriously affects and interferes with public order, hinders the normal operation of enterprises, poses a great threat to the safety of employees and property, but also causes serious damage to shareholders and investors.

For similar behaviors, Zhongju High-tech will strictly follow the requirements of relevant laws and regulations, take necessary safety protection measures, and reserve the right to pursue the above-mentioned behaviors. The company once again solemnly declares that the property of the listed company belongs to all shareholders and is sacred and inviolable. We will never condone any behavior that blatantly violates laws and regulations and infringes the legitimate rights and interests of the company!

The following is the full text:

website screenshot

On the afternoon of July 20th, Zhongshan Runtian issued a notice of condemnation on the official website of Baoneng Group about “severe refutation and counter-questioning of the statement of the Industrial United and Torch Group”, saying that Yao Zhenhua, chairman of Baoneng Group, went to Zhongshan on July 19th. Ju Gaoxin’s headquarters “investigated the production and operation situation” and was “refused to enter by the security guards”. In the live video released on Baoneng’s official website, Yao Zhenhua appeared very aggrieved, angrily scolding: “I have never seen (thought) that it can be so chaotic.”

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On the same day, Zhongju High-tech issued a statement on its official website, responding to the “rejection of Yao Zhenhua’s visit to the company’s factory for investigation”. After the security personnel verified the relevant situation, the visitors did not make an appointment, nor did they show the relevant identity certificates, and the on-site security personnel on duty did not receive any notice from the company’s executives (including the three newly appointed executives by the board of directors) that visitors would enter the factory area. instruct.

Some netizens said, “Wang Shi never dreamed that two security guards could easily handle a barbarian he couldn’t stop.”

Network video screen

The ins and outs of Zhongju High-tech’s internal struggle:

Before 2015, Torch Group had always been the largest shareholder of Zhongju High-tech. Until 2015, Baoneng continued to increase its holdings of Zhongju High-tech through the secondary market, and became the largest shareholder of Zhongju High-tech that year. But then, with the outbreak of the debt crisis of the “Baoneng Department”, the latest equity structure shows that the “Baoneng Department” has been reduced to the second largest shareholder of Zhongju High-tech.

On July 7, Zhongju High-tech issued an announcement stating that it decided to hold the first interim shareholders meeting of Zhongju High-tech in 2023 on July 24, 2023, to review the motions submitted by relevant shareholders, including the removal of He Hua, Huang Wei, Cao Jianjun, Proposal on the positions of directors of the 10th Board of Directors including Zhou Yanmei and four others. These four people all have the background of “Baoneng Department”. If the four people are dismissed at the subsequent general meeting of shareholders, the “Baoneng Department” will completely lose control of Zhongju High-tech.

Then the “Baoneng Department” launched a counterattack. On July 12, Zhongshan Runtian reported in its statement that Zhongshan Torch Group Co., Ltd. and other companies were involved in major crimes of false litigation and securities manipulation. But then, the relevant companies denied.

In addition, on the evening of July 18, Zhongju High-tech announced that due to personal reasons, Li Cuixu resigned as the general manager of the company. After resignation, Mr. Li Cuixu will not hold any positions in the company and its subsidiaries.

At the same time, the company also announced that the company held a board meeting on July 17 and passed a vote to remove Zhang Bihong from the position of deputy general manager and financial director. At the same time, it plans to hire Deng Zuming as the company’s general manager, and plans to hire Kong Lingyun and Qin Junxue as the company’s deputy general managers. The three newly appointed executives all have Baoneng background.

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On the evening of the 23rd, Zhongju High-tech announced that the company’s board of directors received Deng Zuming’s resignation report on July 22, 2023. Due to personal reasons, Deng Zuming resigned from the position of general manager of the company. After resigning, Deng Zuming will not hold any position in the company and its subsidiaries, and Deng Zuming will be on the job for 5 days.

According to public information, Li Cuixu once served as the vice president of China CSG Group Co., Ltd., another listed company of the “Baoneng System”, and has been the general manager of Zhongju High-tech since June 2019. Deng Zuming also has the background of “Baoneng Department”. He has worked in Baoneng Group since 2012 and has served as the assistant to the president of the company since March 2022.

Regarding the general manager and deputy general manager appointment proposal, members of the Torch Department, Yu Jianhua, chairman, and Zhongju High-tech director Wan Hequn publicly stated in their objections that “the three personnel have no background and experience in the condiment industry and are the current Baoneng. Employees have doubts about their ability to hold positions, and their motivations for employment are impure.”

Independent director Gan Yaoren also pointed out in his objection that the nominee only has a financial background, has no case and performance experience in operating entity companies, and has no resume experience in management and financial departments, so he cannot guarantee his competence.

The holding subsidiary of Zhongju High-tech owns two major brands, “Chubang” and “Meimeixian”. The products commonly used by many households, such as Chubang soy sauce, Chubang oyster sauce, and Weijixian, are all from its subsidiaries. It remains to be seen who these brands end up with.

Why is Yao Zhenhua so obsessed with Zhongju High-tech’s right to speak? In fact, Zhongju High-tech can be said to be one of the few high-quality assets under the name of Baoneng, with a current total market value of about 27.2 billion yuan. At the moment when Baoneng has countless bad debts, the shares held by Zhongshan Runtian are equivalent to about 2.6 billion yuan, which is extremely precious. According to public information, as of March 2023, Baoneng’s subsidiaries have been enforced 1,198 times and dishonest executors 493 times. Yao Zhenhua has also been restricted from spending many times. Among them, Shenzhen Baoneng Investment Group Co., Ltd. was executed for a total amount of 38.7 billion yuan, Baoneng Holdings (China) Co., Ltd. was executed for a total amount of 21.6 billion yuan, and Jushenghua was executed for a total amount of 25 billion yuan. The three companies The cumulative executed amount is as high as 85.3 billion yuan.

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