changes for Agency in the next update!


We’re only a few weeks away from the release of Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3. Everything suggests that Agency (the Agency) will really change in the coming weeks.

[Mis à jour le 18 mai 2020 à 16H36] Fortnite Season 2 was based on espionage with a “Top Secret” theme. Thus, the combat pass, but also the acolytes and their references were perfectly in line with the theme. As we know, it will not be continued with the next season, more devoted to the Shark. According to IFireMonkey, a data miner, radical changes are expected to be made to the agency soon. They could even intervene before the arrival of Season 3! So, as of the next patch v12.60, players could take advantage of a little overhaul of this place (in the center of the map) to wait.

Concretely, another version of Agency was added to the game files. It would be linked to the “Shadow” team and could arrive as part of a temporary event. Almost all references to Ghost (Ghost), the other action currently in place, have been removed from the collected data. This includes the large statue, which is located near the spawn van. Remember that data miners do not have access to the next updates, and that they must be based on files pre-installed in the game, in version 12.50. Thus, the changes could be much more profound, in order to surprise the community, one last time before season 3 arrives!

The shop and the skins of May 18, 2020

As usual, the store is divided into two categories, “Featured Items” with eight items, and “Daily Items”, with six items this time. It is in the first that you will find the rarest skins, which we will review. First, the Ocelote skin is available for 1500 V-Bucks! It is accompanied by the superb “Neon Sign” pickaxe (1200 V-Bucks). He was already present yesterday. A nod to the Vikings, in vogue with the episode Assassins’s Creed Valhalla, the “Hâches Ronron” pickaxe is available at 800 V-Bucks. Finally, you can get the “Silver Croc” at 800 V-Bucks. The rarest item in today’s store remains the “War Molossa”, which is offered at 2000 V-Bucks. However, it is far from new, since it was first marketed on July 2, 2018.

The “Bombeuse” skin (1200 V-Bucks) which was released in March 2020 is also coming back to the store. Finally, you can get the Army Armor “Splash” coating for 500 V-Bucks. Regarding everyday objects, attention is more focused on the “Cattle Keeper”, a superb skin available at 1200 V-Bucks. Finally, if you want to show off in front of your teammates in the lobby, the “Pop Star” (800 V-Bucks) emote is for you! Overall, we can feel in the store that the end of the season has been extended, and that the next one is fast approaching! As a reminder, this event is scheduled for early June.

Fortnite will be available on PS5 and Xbox Series X

Fortnite will therefore be present for PS5 and Xbox Series X players, in the same way as for current consoles. Through a press release published on the official Epic Games website, the developer wanted to confirm what everyone was waiting for: compatibility with the next generation of consoles. There is no doubt that the main games available for free will soon be adapted to appeal to new communities.

Good news too, since we have information on progress and the player account system. In fact, the developer said he wanted to “support cross-generation” without subjecting the user to its impact. This means, in concrete terms, that all of your purchases and your statistical progress will be kept. Moreover, a PS5 player can always meet other PC, PS4, Android or even Nintendo Switch users.

Finally, Epic has teased next changes, which will be made possible with the new hardware of the next consoles. Two areas will be targeted, performance and the visual part. Yesterday, the Unreal Engine 5 engine was unveiled, and Fortnite will benefit from it in 2021. In the words of the developer, it would be planned for half of the year. We can logically imagine that PC players will also benefit.

Finally, matchmaking returns to the squad

A week ago, Fortnite responded to the community by agreeing to deactivate matchmaking respecting a skill ranking. This method, commonly called SBMM, is supposed to allow players to compete against players of the same level, but it doesn’t work quite as expected. Sometimes new players find themselves against veterans, and die in seconds. Also, when elders try to get back into the game, they are directly opposed to players who know how to build much better. When it was released, it was mainly targeted by its longer loading times. In short, the system is broken, and this is what has led a good part of the community, as well as several streamers, to demand a withdrawal from this system. As a reminder, it had been introduced at the beginning of Chapter 2. Since then, Epic Games had disabled it in squad, to begin with.

So we could see the effects for a week. According to a leaker, this system was put back online last night. Although there was no official confirmation from Epic Games, the players quickly understood that the leak was correct and tweeted their various frustrations regarding the return of skill-based matchmaking. In fact, over the past seven days, the games were certainly less complex to play, but this is mainly due to the excessive number of bots in the games. According to some streamers, there could be up to 90% artificial intelligence in a game. Much less formidable, it was possible to chain the top 1 easily.

Many in the community demanded that the number of bots be reduced. However, Epic Games does not seem to agree, and has simply decided to put the system back online. There has still been no official communication from Fortnite, despite the fact that the community is in turmoil. Some believe that the system has not been reintroduced, but simply that there are no longer as many bots … Confusion prevails.

World records

Since its launch over two years ago, Fortnite has attracted 350 million players who have signed up for the service. The figures are distributed between the different platforms: PC, PS4, Switch, One, Mac, Android and iOS. While the community seems to increasingly abandon the title, it is nevertheless a good progression. As of March 2019, the numbers were 250 million registered players. Even more incredible, for the month of April 2020 alone, players spent more than 3.2 billion hours of cumulative play. Nothing to say, Fortnite continues to be a clear leader, despite the fact that we are still not aware of the actual number of active users, out of the total of 350 million players.

Epic Games teases the Season 3 map!

Before the official announcements, two things let us know more about the upcoming events and changes in Fortnite. First, there are leaks, that data miners hasten to find us with each new update of the source code. But, and sometimes especially, it is frequent that Epic Games has fun modifying the current map of the game, with clues about what could happen soon. Recently, these are mysterious puddles, which seem to schematize an island, which have been spotted by some players.

Whether on earth or on concrete, we find the same type of pattern. The perimeter of this puddle is very similar to the original Fortnite map from Season 1. However, it appears to be flooded. Even if this is not enough to confirm the latest rumors that already mentioned a flooded island, it has the merit of going in the same direction. Nothing has been confirmed by Epic. Recall that the next major update, which will introduce major changes to try to bring the community together, is scheduled for June 4, 2020. For now, the theme of the flood is the most popular in the community .

We know the next starter pack

Since Season 1, Fortnite offers its players a starter pack. In it, we find a skin, a pickaxe and virtual currency, the V-Bucks (600). While you can afford 1000 V-Bucks for € 9.99, it is often more attractive to buy this starter pack, slightly higher than 5 euros. In leaks from last week’s update, the next one was unveiled. Presumably, it will be available at the start of season 3, scheduled for next June.

It is thanks to the famous FireMonkey leaker that we have more details. The character skin that you can buy is called “Yellow Jacket”, and offers, like the current season, a female character. It stands out with flashy yellow tones and an outfit as sexy as it is electric. To this is added a pickaxe, which uses the previous colors and style, as well as 600 V-Bucks. Remember that it is not necessary to begin to be able to afford this equipment. For people who are missing a few hundred V-Bucks for the next combat pass, it may be worthwhile to buy this pack. We can expect that Epic Games will soon unveil a video to communicate in detail on this new set, after the broadcast through these leaks.

The first clues to the content of Season 3

Thanks to the v12.50 update, a slew of new files have appeared in the Fortnite source code. For leakers, this is an opportunity to explore them and discover what will await players in the coming weeks. But above all, this confirms the previous rumors that had already been mentioned in this article. First, it seems that swimming mechanics will be widely developed in the next season. These discoveries are made possible by the FortTory dataminator. The first elements of Season 3 are two posters, which will probably be posted around the map in the coming weeks.

As you can see below, the first image shows Meowow in the water to the waist with inflatable armbands covering each of its biceps. The second poster shows an entire house floating. The sea level rose clearly above the fence in the courtyard. Even more intriguing detail in the third poster, a shark appears. Until now, these animals have not been present in Fortnite. On the other hand, we can expect that the content linked to the many rivers that now make up the map will further expand. This will likely involve more creatures (currently there are only harmless fish we can catch) and other vehicles (only sketchy boats are available). One could for example imagine that jet skis or even submarines could soon disembark …

All three posters have the same icon in the lower left corner. A small circular emblem containing an umbrella which seems to be on fire because of the heat. At the moment, it’s hard to imagine precisely what the theme of the next Fortnite season will be. However, with more water, more heat, more hostile creatures and a clear reference to the movie Teeth of the Sea, we have some interesting first clues!

Towards a return to the old map?

After having postponed its Season 3 for more than a month, Epic Games must deal with a calendar. However, Fortnite does not fail to receive content almost daily. According to a recent rumor, the Season 1 card, which symbolized the emerging success of the Battle Royale, may return soon. There are a few indications that a good part of the community believes that this will be the case in the coming days. It would not be the first time that a game of this kind brings back an old card to play on the nostalgia of its community. Besides, we must admit that the map of Season 1 is the most popular, by far!

First of all, we know that a major event will take place before the end of Season 2. For some fans, an Easter Egg was spotted during the Travis Scott event. It was a butterfly, which was present on the first card of the game, and which is no longer available. The other things that caught the eye were the globe over the head of the Astro Jack, similar to the old Fortnite map. Finally, seen from the sky or space, the display of the map and especially its lights made one think of ancient cities like Tilted Tower. Be careful though, it may be a version of the old card and not an exact replica! And for its part, Epic Games perfectly maintains the rumor: Mark Rein, the vice president and one of the founders of the company recently changed his Twitter banner, with skins… from Season 1.

Soon the possibility of diving?

Fortnite Chapter 2 made it possible for the first time for players to get into the water without dying. Now, several rivers are widely deployed on the map, and have become essential. However, you cannot do anything other than swim on the surface or jump. The developers of Epic Games are about to go further, according to leaks found in version 12.41. An animation called “Underwater Swimming” was notably unearthed.

What has been shown by Skin-Tracker (below) is a little different from the swimming animation that players are currently seeing in the game. This has led some to imply that Epic Games is about to offer a brand new gameplay mechanic, in the coming weeks. However, the information is to be taken with a grain of salt. This line of code was found in those dedicated to Travis Scott’s Astronomical event. Thus, it could simply be planned only as part of this temporary event. Despite everything, it would be logical for Epic Games to implement the possibility of diving into the future. And with the rumors of a new card for Season 3 this summer, we can quite imagine that more maritime areas are emerging.

Travis Scott’s concert drew 12 million people

This is a real record according to Epic Games. Travis Scott’s Fortnite concert drew over 12 million players! It greatly exceeds the previous concert organized directly by Fortnite, that of Marshmello, which had brought together more than 10.7 million people. It was then the first projection, which you can find below through some videos captured. More than ever, Epic Games and its Fortnite game are becoming interesting platforms for artists. Regularly, these shared experiences bring together several million people. Artist Travis Scott became a member of the Fortnite Icon Series. For the occasion, he gets his own skin. That’s not all, since players will be able to unlock outfits, emotes and a planner.

Thursday, April 23, the concert of Travis Scott dazzled most of the players who were present. Spectacular, psychedelic and impressive effects punctuated the listening session, although it was considered a bit short. We could see the rapper moving across the map with gigantic effects, the players were regularly teleported, far from being passive. For the French, the next virtual live will take place today at 4 p.m. (the doors will open at 3.30 p.m.). The others are scheduled for April 25 at six in the morning, at 5 p.m., and in the night of April 25 to 26, at midnight. As a reminder, skins with the image of Travis Scott are still available in stores, until April 26!

Next Marvel weapons identified by a leak?

The Fortnite game files often indicate in advance what the next content arrivals will be. The datamineurs are having a great time and do not fail to warn us. This time, it’s Spedicey1 who indicates on Twitter that two new weapons are about to arrive on the battle royale. One of them would be a double overpowered pistols, bearing the image of Deadpool.

Again, Deadpool is a character already widely implemented in Fortnite content. But it was essentially cosmetic, and not a new new arsenal. Two weapons were spotted, the first being called “MistyBop” and the second would be double pistols (from Deadpool). The latter seem interesting because of their damage: 43 / 36.55 / 32.55 depending on whether you are close / mid-distance / long range. The loader is said to carry a total of 18 rounds of ammunition.

The “MistyBop” is more enigmatic. It would be based on an “infinite” charger, and would cause 50 points of damage per hit. To compensate for these unusual characteristics, it would suffer from a 5 second recharge time. Difficult therefore to say with certainty what form this new weapon will take. Under the tweet of the leaker, some argue that it could be a proximity mine, but the weapon already exists so there is no reason to name it differently. More likely, it could be a new telescopic assault rifle, or a pump assault rifle.

How do I get the Deadpool X-Force skin?

The classic Deadpool skin arrived in Week 7, and a maskless variant was available in Week 8. Now, based on the v12.40 patch files, a new edition with new colors will be available. . For this variant, you have to find the “Deadpool shorts” and “salute your pants”. Thanks to @iFireMonkey on Twitter, we know the instructions to come.

As we are used to, the first of these challenges is to be performed directly in the game menus. It is a safe bet that it is in the locker of Midas. When the challenges are online, we will not fail to give you a tutorial on this subject. The pants have already been located in two places. The challenges, however, could tell you one or both of the two pairs. The first pants are at the Yacht. However, it is likely that Fortnite is directing us towards pants which appeared a short time ago, which is at the top of Mont Kay. Here is a video for its exact location!

Are the vending machines back soon?

As is now customary, the addition of updates creates a huge data mash-up, with lots of additions. That’s when minor data makes their discoveries. That’s not all, since bugs usually appear in response to this new data. This was the case yesterday, for the streamer Sheilabelila. While walking around at Frenzy Farm, he came across a vending machine briefly.

The option to buy a weapon was available, the item disappeared after a few seconds. He says he is excited about the return of these very practical machines. However, some believe that this is a bug, causing old data to reappear, which is not doomed to return in the future. On the other hand, it is surprising that they occur soon after the addition of new data. It is therefore logical to think that the developers of Fortnite are about to relocate the vending machines, or at least to reuse them. For the time being, they are temporarily replaced by the weapon improvement system, which was unveiled in Chapter 2.

Where to find katanas from Deadpool

For Fortnite Season 2 Chapter 2, you can earn weekly rewards if you have a Battle Pass. This week, the famous Deadpool katanas are to be found. They equip themselves with the location of backpacks.

The first step to get this famous sesame is to go to HQ. To do this, you must click on the ventilation duct from the “Combat Pass” menu. Then all you have to do is click on the katanas. The first is in the Maya improvement room, not far from the arms showcase. The second is attached to the wall near the computer, directly in the HQ. Like all weekly awards of this type, there are two steps. You have just completed the first, the second challenge is to damage opposing structures. Child’s play, achievable in a few parts. Then you can get this reward, which will equip your character’s back!

Find XP Coins for the Midas Challenge

Fortnite Week 9 is now rolled out. For players, this is an opportunity to receive a series of new challenges, and to get a lot of XP to unlock new levels in the combat pass. Some of you have already passed level 100, but it’s not over yet. For the first time in the history of Fortnite, you can go further by gaining experience and acquiring legendary skins, in gold. One of the challenges of this new week is to collect 5 coins of XP.

On the map below (which we owe to SquatingDog), you can find all of the locations of these rooms. This map will still be valid for the next few weeks, and you can keep it to maximize your sessions and gather a large amount of experience. For players who are behind on the combat pass, this is the opportunity or never. As you can see, there are XP coins everywhere. Most of them have been there since the release of season 2, but others are added to each update.

Epic Games finally tackles the glitch of the marking system

While Season 2 started on February 20, 2020, it appears that Fortnite is relaunching at a rate of one update every two weeks. We invite you to dwell on a gameplay change, which impacts millions of players. Several weeks ago, we were reporting complaints from part of the PC community. The latter believed that players with a controller were advantaged by the aiming assistance systems. Epic Games reacted by removing the legacy target, but the rumble persisted. Crossplay, which is imposed between communities, is causing a lot of debate. In fact, it is generally accepted that playing the keyboard and the mouse gives you an advantage. However, this is not necessarily the case in Fortnite, because of the aiming aid and especially the aiming mechanisms. The recoil, for example, is not the same for a gamer controller.

Everything changed with the last update, March 31st. From now on, all players, whatever their support, are housed in the same boat. The update therefore greatly benefits keyboard and mouse players, who no longer suffer from this disadvantage treatment. The recoil is reduced, just like the “bloom” linked to the magnification of the cursor when you shoot. It will be necessary to see in the long term if this correction allows to rebalance the game between the communities. Over the course of its history, Fortnite has constantly made fixes on various media. Proof that the two are equal: several professional players have turned to the use of a controller, a first in the history of e-sport!

The next major events are postponed

Epic Games has announced that Fortnite tournaments with cash prizes will not be held until performance issues affecting players and servers have been resolved. “Our goal is to improve performance before launching any competition with prizes“.

A decision that therefore directly affects the Fortnite World Cup, a major event, the largest in the calendar year. Last year, it was organized in New York for the first time and the reward amounted to 30 million euros. More importantly, it is an opportunity to give yourself tremendous publicity. Over 2.5 million spectators attended this e-sport event. 40 million players had participated in the eliminatory tests.

It is therefore through a technical setback that Epic Games justifies this cancellation, which would have nothing to do with the coronavirus. Players are also placing themselves on this field and believe that this is a consequence of the recent change of graphics engine Unreal Engine Chaos. But if the technical problems are resolved, it is a safe bet that these events bringing together thousands of people in a confined space will be canceled…

Season 2 is officially postponed!

Epic Games intended to resume the seasonal rhythm concerning the duration of its seasons on Fortnite. Unfortunately, as a direct result of the coronavirus pandemic and the widespread containment that extends to development teams, the studio was forced to push the deadline. While it was originally scheduled for April 30, 2020, the transition to Season 3 will not take place until June 4.

This confirms the previous leaks that we had reported to you, which rightly evoked the addition of several additional content. In this sense, Epic Games wanted to reassure its players. If season 3 doesn’t land in two weeks, users can expect “a lot” of additional content in the coming days. We then learn that “new gameplay, new challenges, XP bonuses and a few other surprises” will be gradually deployed.

It is not the first time that Fortnite has seen its extended season. Indeed, season 1 of chapter 2 has been extended by several weeks, from its initial end date in December 2019 to February 2020. During this extension, the developers had held various events such as a preview of Star Wars Episode IX and a Harley Quinn crossover. We can expect a similar phenomenon, related to the Marvel theme and more specifically Deadpool!

Limited access to the game due to coronavirus?

While the safety instructions could increase in the coming hours, French operators are thinking of limiting the connection of the French in favor of telework. They can notably rely on the example of Italy, which, since its complete containment, has seen its Internet traffic grow by 70%. It was Luigi Gubitosi, the CEO of Italian Telecom who revealed it. Same story in France, where operators fear a similar development. In response, Arthur Dreyfuss, the president of the French Telecoms Federation indicates that some may limit certain activities.

The maneuver consists of a reduction in Internet activities linked to entertainment, in favor of those vital for telework and therefore, the professional world. French infrastructures are efficient and can absorb peaks of activity. However, the absence of several technicians could cause problems. The reduction of a parcel of Internet speed will only occur when a saturation occurs. The main entertainment giants are concerned: Netflix, YouTube, Fortnite etc.

A situation which could have negative repercussions on certain trades, which depend on these sectors: one can think of streamers, for example.

Fortnite: soon warnings in case of too long session?

Fortnite has long come under fire from critics for its appeal to children, who don’t seem to know when to stop playing. The battle royale would include a new set of limitations and warnings designed to keep people from playing excessively long. As often, the information comes from data miners, and more specifically from FireMonkey.

One of these warnings says: “You have been online for 3 consecutive hours. In-game earnings will now be reduced by 50% and challenge progression has been disabled. For your own health, please log out and rest. Un exercice physique approprié est bon pour votre corps“. Fortnite pourrait même aller plus loin en proposant de véritables pénalités pour le joueur, qui serait très clairement incité à prendre du retrait.

Bien que cette limite n’ait pas encore été officiellement communiquée ou mise en œuvre, elle semble correspondre aux lois chinoises sur les jeux relatives aux mineurs qui sont apparues l’année dernière. En ce qui concerne l’Europe, il est possible que des messages d’avertissements apparaissent en jeu, sans les sanctions. Un procédé déjà utilisé par Nintendo, par exemple !

En savoir plus

Pas de saison 11 pour cette fois dans Fortnite, Epic Games a choisi de faire un reboot de son jeu battle royale le 15 octobre afin de relancer l’aspect compétitif de Fortnite avec une toute nouvelle carte. C’est donc la saison 1 du chapitre 2 de Fortnite qui a commencé le 15 octobre en grandes pompes après un véritable blackout imposé aux joueurs pendant près de deux jours. Un coup de comm’ monumental qui a généré l’inquiétude des gamers. Les développeurs jouaient simplement avec leur patience et voilà donc le lancement d’une nouvelle saison de Fortnite avec de nombreuses nouveautés dont les mécaniques de nage mais aussi l’apparition de bateaux ainsi qu’un nouveau Battle Pass dont les missions ont été réimaginées et dont les récompenses vont jusqu’à 1500 V Bucks !

Avec l’arrivée de Fortnite Chapitre 2, Epic Games en a profité pour refondre son système de Pass de Combat (ou Battle Pass pour les anglophones). Celui-ci coûte toujours 950 V Bucks (soit environ 10€ de monnaie réelle) et vous propose de vous frotter à de nombreuses nouvelles missions afin de gagner de l’expérience en jouant (en éliminant des ennemis mais aussi en se livrant à de nombreuses autres activités comme la fouille de coffres et en accomplissant des défis variés). Une fois tous ces défis menés à bien, vous pourrez désormais gagner jusqu’à 1500 V Bucks, plus qu’avant ! Ce qui vous permettra d’acheter le Pass de Combat de la saison suivante mais aussi de vous faire plaisir dans la boutique en jeu en achetant par exemple des skins pour votre personnage !

Epic Games promet un second chapitre avec un rythme plus soutenu en matière de nouveautés sur Fortnite, un scénario évolutif et un thème bien défini : l’espionnage “Top Secret”. L’ensemble de la saison 2 du chapitre 2 a été déployé le jeudi 20 février 2020 après un report de deux semaines. Le joueur doit désormais choisir entre deux factions : Ghost (fantôme) ou Shadow (ombre).

Des modifications sur la carte

Comme à chaque grosse mise à jour, le pass de combat est remis à zéro avec du contenu exclusif. Mais c’est également le cas de la carte, qui est légèrement revue et apporte son lot de nouveautés. Quelques modifications ont eu lieu sur certains coins de la carte, ou en plein centre avec l’apparition d’Eye Land. Ce nouveau complexe s’inscrit dans la thématique de cette saison, puisqu’il s’agit d’un quartier général d’agents secrets. Plusieurs tunnels cachés sont disséminés à travers la map, et vous permettent de vous déplacer rapidement entre des cachettes. Ils marchent dans les deux sens et se situent un peu partout sur la carte. Un ajout intéressant pour fuir ou rejoindre rapidement ses alliés. La plupart prennent la forme d’un WC public, mais on en retrouve également sous la forme de poubelle.

Le contenu est également enrichi

Le contenu s’étoffe, lui aussi, avec de nouvelles armes et objets. Minigun, fusil, pistolet, arc, l’ensemble de ce nouvel arsenal s’inscrit dans le cadre de l’espionnage. De même, des PNJ “acolytes” apparaissent à certains endroits. Il est possible de les combattre (ils sont agressifs) et d’empocher une récompense grâce au coffre qu’ils laissent derrière leur cadavre. Ils sont disponibles uniquement en partie classique ou dans le mode arène. Cette mise à jour introduit notamment 6 armes mythiques. Également, le bâton de dynamite, qui n’était plus disponible, fait son grand retour.

Un nouvel objet “boite en carton” permet de se cacher à l’intérieur, et de s’y déplacer. Il s’agit d’une variante du regretté buisson. On peut penser qu’il s’agit d’un clin d’œil à la franchise Metal Gear Solid. Il est également possible de tirer depuis le carton, ou d’en sortir instantanément pour surprendre vos adversaires.

Le mode créatif, également concerné

Trois nouvelles îles viendront enrichir le mode Créatif de Fortnite. On retrouve ainsi Le Requin, l’Accueil plat à grille et l’Accueil volant. Mais ce n’est pas tout, puisqu’un yacht est mis en place au niveau de l’emplacement H1 de la carte. Situé au large des côtes, il est difficile d’accès, mais promet une belle récompense (une variante d’AK dorée).

L’arrivée du second chapitre de Fortnite a introduit 6 nouveaux agents. Epic Games les a déclinés en une version “Or massif”. Il faudra cependant abattre un sacré nombre d’heures pour les débloquer. Contrairement à la première saison du chapitre 2 de Fortnite, accumuler l’expérience servira à quelque chose. Il est possible d’aller au-delà du niveau 100, et les développeurs comptent bien exploiter cette caractéristique. C’est de cette façon qu’il sera possible d’obtenir les skins en or des agents “Top Secret”. Les datamineurs ont notamment découvert les objectifs de progression, au nombre de 6.

  • Midas Or : level 100
  • Brutus Or : level 140
  • Miaousclé or : level 180
  • Maya Or : level 220
  • Skye Or : level 260
  • Banane Or : level 300

Des objectifs à long terme donc, qui motiveront probablement les joueurs invétérés. Rappelons que ce second chapitre devrait être plus court que le précédent. On peut estimer qu’il se terminera d’ici deux mois. Le bien informé HYPEX estime que nous sommes déjà à 10% de l’avancement de ce chapitre…  Ce qui laisse un délai relativement étroit pour tout débloquer.

Un skin exclusif est disponible pour les membres PS Plus

Ce skin baptisé “Patrouilleur Précis” est un pack cosmétique exclusif en jeu qui ne sera disponible que pour les joueurs de Fortnite sur PlayStation 4. Il se présente essentiellement en bleu, argent et noir et est assorti à la PlayStation de Sony. Le “Sac de précision” est un sac à dos également inclus. De manière générale, le “Patrouilleur Précis” est vêtu d’un sweat à capuche, d’un bonnet, de lunettes de soleil et d’un casque. Il dispose d’une radio et de deux grenades, mais elles sont purement esthétiques.

Il vous suffit de vous abonner au service PS+ pour profiter de cette offre. Epic Games a pour tradition de proposer ce type de cosmétiques exclusifs aux joueurs sur l’ensemble des consoles afin de renforcer leur partenariat avec différentes marques. On pense notamment aux skins Twitch Prime, mais Microsoft et la Xbox One S ont également reçu des skins exclusifs. Pour rappel, Fortnite est disponible en crossplay et vous pourrez évidemment les exhiber pour narguer vos adversaires (ou coéquipiers)

Epic Games vous propose de sécuriser rapidement mais sûrement vote compte contre les piratages. Et pour mieux convaincre ses joueurs, le studio américain offrent des récompenses à retrouver en jeu. Concrètement, l’authentification à deux facteurs, également appelé A2F, demande au joueur une seconde vérification après la connexion classique. Après avoir entré son mot de passe, le joueur sera invité à confirmer son identité par le biais d’une application dédiée (Google Authenticator par exemple) ou par mail.

L’A2F est requise en cas de cadeau offert à un de ses contacts, ou pour certains tournois spécifiques. Afin de l’activer, il faut se rendre dans les paramètres du compte, puis dans la section mot de passe et sécurité. Vous avez ensuite le choix entre une activation de l’authentification à deux facteurs par e-mail ou par l’authentificateur. Afin de motiver les joueurs à sécuriser davantage leur compte, Epic Games propose des récompenses en conséquence. Pour les joueurs du mode Battle Royale, vous obtiendrez l’emote Boogie Down. Pour le mode “Sauver le monde”, 50 emplacements d’arsenal seront donnés, et 10 de sac à dos. Enfin, un lama à butin de troll en édition légendaire est à récupérer.

Fortnite – Disponible sur PS4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch, Android et iOS

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