“Change course, immediately”: China broadcasts the video of the action against a US reconnaissance plane


From our correspondent
BEIJING – The “People’s Daily” has released an audio-video of the warning given by the Chinese fighter to an American plane in the airspace near the Taiwan Strait. “Change course immediately or you will be intercepted.”

The Beijing press is beating a lot on the provocative aggressiveness of the US maneuvers: 67 sorties in July, compared to 49 in June and 35 in May. Sea and sky very crowded and at risk of close encounters and accidental collisions. The audio propagating the dissuading intervention of the Chinese fighter also betrays the precariousness of communications between the two rival armed forces: the warning in English from the Chinese flight controller is almost incomprehensible.

And it’s a matter of second to decide whether to change course.

3 August 2020 | 07:48


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