Chairman of the regional executive committee and chairman of the regional council congratulated residents of the Pridneprovsky region on the Day of Mogilev Region Education | MogilevNews

Dear residents of the Dnieper region!

Congratulations on the Day of Education of the Mogilev Region!

We all live in the Mogilev region – this is our home, which we love, which we care about.

84 years ago, by decision of the first session of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR, the Mogilev Region was formed. Since that distant 1938, the countdown of the modern history of the Dnieper region began.

Our predecessors – parents, grandfathers, great-grandfathers – worked hard and conscientiously to make the Mogilev region better. They defended the Fatherland from the enemy, built cities and towns, built factories and cultivated fertile fields.

The current generation of residents of the Mogilev region continues their work at a decent level, so that our region remains a place where you want to live, raise children and where people from different parts of Belarus want to come.

The success of the region is the contribution of every inhabitant. In all sectors there are people who glorify the Mogilev region with their work, high results, devotion to their chosen work. Together we increase the investment attractiveness of the territory, create new jobs, make cities and districts modern, cozy and well-groomed.

We are confident that our joint efforts will make the Dnieper region even stronger, even more beautiful.

Happy holiday, dear countrymen! Good health, prosperity, peace and kindness to you! We wish the Mogilev region development and prosperity!

A.M. Isachenko,

Chairman of the Mogilev Regional Executive Committee.

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I.A. rainchik,

Chairman of the Mogilev Regional Council of Deputies.

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