Chairman of the DKI DPRD: Dany Anwar Died Because Covid-19 Is Not an Issue

by – Member of the DKI Jakarta DPRD from the PKS Faction, Dany Anwar died Monday (3/8/3030) morning, allegedly due to being infected with the corona virus or Covid-19.

Jakarta DPRD Chairman Prasetio Edi Marsudi said that Dany’s passing with a positive status of the corona virus was not a mere issue.

“Not an issue, but declared dead because of Covid-19,” said Prasetio at the DPRD DKI Jakarta building, Monday (3/8/2020).

However, he said, Dany had suffered from a congenital disease when he breathed his last. One of them is diabetes and heart disease.

“He also has a congenital disease in his body, there is sugar and maybe a heart,” he said.

Presetio received news of Dany’s death when he signed a letter to extend the closure of the DKI DPRD building. Previously, the DKI council building was closed for five days, from Wednesday to Sunday (2/8) last week because positive cases of COVID-19 were found among council members, Secretariat staff and Personal Service Officers (PJLP) of the DPRD Secretariat.

He has also asked the DPRD Secretariat to immediately sterilize all rooms and swab tests for all council members.

“Starting today, the DKI Jakarta DPRD building will be preventive. After opening on August 9, we will have a swab test for each faction, perhaps PDIP, PKS, Gerindra, PAN, all of them,” he said.

The PKS Faction Denies Dany Anwar’s Death Due to Covid-19

However, the PR of the PKS DPRD DKI Faction, Zakaria, denied that Dany had died due to being infected with the corona virus. The former Deputy Governor Candidate in the 2007 DKI Jakarta Regional Head Election died at 09.00 WIB at Mintohardjo Navy Hospital.

“Mr (Dany Anwar) died of blood sugar, he died at around nine this morning,” said Zakaria in a written statement quoted as saying, Monday (3/8/2020).

Zakaria also emphasized that the deceased died not because of Covid-19. This was conveyed to clarify along with the news that said Dany Anwar died of corona.

However, he admitted that there was an examination from the hospital regarding the indication of contracting the corona. But until now, the hospital has not given any results.

“He is not positive yet, still waiting for information from the hospital,” he said.

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