Chaif ​​leader Vladimir Shakhrin called Kostroma an Italian city

In Kostroma ceased to be canceled “for technical reasons” concerts “stars”. The opportunity to break the tradition that has developed over the past year was given to the most courageous – rockers. At the beginning of April, Valery Kipelov pleased the Kostroma residents, and yesterday the old man “Chaif” was “kindled”.

A team of Sverdlovsk rockers arrived in Kostroma yesterday morning. The musicians had time to look around and take a walk around the city. As Vladimir Shakhrin recalled, they, of course, have been to Kostroma. But so long ago, he confessed, and in such a state that the city is not very well remembered. The Chaif ​​leader even conducted a sightseeing tour for himself. And he began it, singing “Kostroma, Kostroma, my lady”, from the very center – “frying pan”.

The Ural musician liked Kostroma. He called the city very touristy and praised the locals for continuing to preserve the old historical look of their capital. By the look of the central part of the city, the mood of buildings and structures, Shakhrin noted that he was involuntarily drawn to evaluate Kostroma in the image of an Italian tourist. At the intricately forged gates of the music school, he exclaimed: “Like Venice!”


Shakhrin also admired the “house with pioneers” on Tekstilshchikov Avenue, where Soviet statues have been preserved. “Straightly nostalgic mi-mi-mi” – the musician confessed. Vladimir looked at the Central Market – at the “exhibition of the achievements of the Chinese light industry.” Slightly teasing Lenin in Central Park, who was hidden behind a fence by the Kostroma residents, Shakhrin noticed in the very center of the city there is a slight dissonance for tourist guests. Souvenirs – a lot, flax – you can get out, but the places where coffee to drink “noble don” – you need to look. And when he found such a place – in the Slavyansky restaurant – he complained that the music in such a “Slavic” establishment is not played in the Slavic language.

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The performance, organized by the Kostroma Concert company, was not just yesterday – for the sake of money. It was a visit to Kostroma as part of a big jubilee tour – the Chaif ​​group turned 35 years old! The musicians called it “War, Peace and …” Instead of an ellipsis, the audience was asked to write their own version of the ending in the tickets. The musicians themselves admitted that the most popular option among them is “we missed too”.


In the photo: the correspondent of the newspaper “Pionerskaya Pravda” at a concert of rock-pensioners in Kostroma.

The audience at the concert was mostly appropriate – well over 35. However, the graying spectators behaved exactly as they did 35 years ago – they sang in chorus, whistled, danced in the aisles. In the spirit of “do not rush to bury us, but we still have business here.” Only gifts from Kostroma to artists have become, so to speak, more mature. In addition to the traditional frivolous flowers, the Kostroma residents carried to the stage and passed on after the concert more weighty gifts – food, souvenirs and even socks. And even when almost most of the spectators left, and the musicians got on the bus, one of the most persistent and devoted fans brought Shakhrin a package with gifts: photographs of Chaifa from their concert in Kostroma in 2003, pine cones jam and Kostroma black salt, which Shakhrin did not dare to buy and try in the morning. “Is it really possible to eat it?” – Vladimir was careful to the end, – “Well, thanks, guys. Kostroma gave us a gift ”.

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