César Duarte case: he was denied bail again and will remain in prison in Miami

César Duarte was apprehended in Miami, Florida, a state bordering the United States with Mexico, on July 8. (Photo: Cuartoscuro)

A federal judge for the southern district of the state of Florida denied granting bail to the former governor of Chihuahua, César Duarte Jáquez. This means that the former president will continue to be detained and he must thus follow his trial for the purpose of extradition to Mexico.

Duarte had applied to the Florida court for his freedom under the argument that I would not escape the United States, in addition to mentioning that since 2017, when he learned of the accusations against him, he has always has maintained “communications of cooperation with the government” from that country, according to a document where you can read the judge’s response Lauren F. Louis.

The former president also resorted to mentioning the restrictions imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic, which they have not allowed him to “prepare his defense”. Likewise, a third argument for requesting bail was that the “non-violent” nature of the accusations against him were part of a “Special circumstance”.

According to the five-page document cited by the portal of Process, Judge Louis He refuted the arguments of Duarte Jáquez and held that since prison he has had the ability to communicate by phone with the team who has taken charge of his defense.

(Photo: José Luis González / Reuters)

(Photo: José Luis González / Reuters)

It also pointed out that cooperation that the former governor has provided has been “insufficient” as if to grant him bail. In this sense, the judge also highlighted that “she never orally stated her willingness to be detained“, Which is relevant, since” the acceptance of responsibility normally understood as cooperation”, Situation that “Is not present under these circumstances”.

On “non-violent” nature of the crime for which he is accused, the judge argued that it is a complex case and pointed to the risk of escape: “I have considered your financial resources, overseas connections, your age and seriousness of crimes”.

At the end of July, the judge Lauren F. Louis had already denied bail for César Duarte. Even in that hearing, August 4 had been indicated as the limit to send the translated documents and consider the case again.

At that time, Duarte Jáquez’s lawyers accused that the former president was victim of political persecution by his successor, Javier Corral Jurado, besides that there was danger in case the extradition process is completed and he returns to Mexico.

César Duarte's defense has also argued that he is the victim of political persecution by Governor Corral.  (Photo: File)

César Duarte’s defense has also argued that he is the victim of political persecution by Governor Corral. (Photo: File)

It should be remembered that the former member of the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) it was fugitive from Mexican justice for almost four years for his presumed responsibility in the crimes of corruption, embezzlement, diversion of resources for electoral purposes and illicit enrichment, until he was apprehended in Miami, Florida, a state on the border of the United States with Mexico, last July 8.

At the end of his administration, Duarte Jáquez left a public debt of 48,000 million pesos, affectation to the local treasury by 6,000 million pesos and had a case open for diversion of state resources for electoral purposes to favor the party to which he was affiliated since 1977, for 250 million pesos during 2015.

However, after his arrest, the federal prosecutor’s office integrated a new research folderAccording to a statement made by the President of the Republic, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, it seemed that the previous one was not well argued legally.

To corruption network that allowed the escape of the former governor and his subsequent protection under the protection of power is known as the “Secret Payroll”; while at systematic diversion of resources entities and demarcations governed by the PRI was called “Operation Sapphire”.


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