Cem Küçük – Three critical FETO members and Orhan İnandı

Cem Kucuk


It is certain that the road to 2023 will not be easy. Already the opponents and their apparatus are diving hard. Lies and slander are flying. They are trying to create an atmosphere similar to that of December 17-25.

Most of the time, perceptions fail, but they apply the method of leaving a mud trail. Their media is out there.

During this whole process, three critical FETO members were caught… One of them was caught in Karabağlar district of İzmir. Munise Gulen. The other is from the Far East, packaged by MIT. Selahattin Gulen. The last one is from Kyrgyzstan, which was packaged by MIT. Orhan Believed…

Orhan Inandı, FETO’s General Manager for Central Asia, was caught as a result of an operation carried out abroad by the National Intelligence Organization and brought to Turkey.

İnandı has been working as the Kyrgyzstan Officer of FETÖ since 2001. In 2017, he became the general manager of the region, which includes both Kyrgyzstan and Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan, with the instruction of the organization’s leader Fetullah Gülen.

Orhan Inandı, who frequently visited the headquarters of the FETO ringleader in Pennsylvania during his time in Kyrgyzstan, lastly went to the headquarters in March 2021 and received instructions. The top managers of the organization are also in contact with names such as Mustafa Özcan, Naci Tosun, Barbaros Kocakurt.

Orhan İnandı, a user of FETÖ’s crypto communication program ByLock, provided shelter in Kyrgyzstan for the fugitive elements of the organization fleeing from Turkey, in line with the instructions he received from Pennsylvania via ByLock.

Between them Mustafa Ozcan and Former Chairman of the Board of Bank Asya Ali CelikHe illegally obtained Kyrgyzstan passports to 25 high-ranking FETO members, including Mr.

Orhan Inandı, who also took part in the private structuring of FETO between 1985-1995, when he was in Turkey and took part in organizational activities, also served the terrorist organization in the positions of housekeeper, custodian, manager, education consultant, Bekir Unal and Sait Aksoy The organization operated under the directors of the organization.

During the said period in Ankara, Adil Öksüz and the organization came together at the meetings held in their homes.

Orhan İnandı, who was gnawing through the state of the organization “private structure” served to direct this structure in relation to its top managers. This person is someone who used FETÖ’s dirty money in Central Asia and used the brains he poisoned into the dark agenda of the organization.

By exploiting the reputation of the Turkish State, he carried out activities against the Republic of Turkey in Central Asia.

Believed in 2019 Kyrgyz Muslim Councilan iftar organized by Turkish Ambassador Cengiz Kamil Firat When Ambassador Fırat realized this situation, he caused a diplomatic crisis. “How do you call the head of FETO here? Let’s build a mosque for 35 million dollars here, you will put us at the same table with terrorists. You choose either Turkey or a terrorist organization. For me, the mufti is over. This person is not a Muslim. I will tell the President now.” “ he left the place. (BBC Turkish)

Turkey continues to do important work in this difficult process. Congratulations to MIT.


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