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Bianca Ingrosso was greeted with laughter after she broke into a fight on Sunday night.

In this case, you will find some of the most relevant celebrity talkies from home and abroad right now.

– Fuck some idiots you’re fighting. Do you have zero ability to have a conversation or control your aggression problems? wrote Bianca Ingrosso on Instagram night to Sunday.

According to Expressen Swedish reality star and influencer Bianca Ingrosso (25) ended up in a fight on Saturday night, after a trip to the city. According to Ingrosso herself, she intervened in the fight to end it, as no one else did.

TOOK TO INSTAGRAM: Bianca Ingrosso took to Instagram in frustration after she broke into a fight on Sunday night.
Photo: Instagram

– I just witnessed a fight between a gang of boys. Fuck some goblins you guys are fighting. (…) I of course ran away and screamed to get them to stop while people just stood and watched me, she writes, among other things.

Ingrosso writes that she was very provoked by the fact that no one else intervened. According to the 25-year-old, she must also have been greeted with laughter.

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– And the funniest of all. Afterwards, the boys stood and praised each other for what they had done. When I asked questions about what kind of idiots are talking like that, I was laughed in the face, she writes.

The course of events before and after the fight is not known. Bianca Ingrosso has so far not responded to either Expressen’s or Nettavisen’s inquiries.

Kate Winslet regrets film selection

Another person who is making headlines for her frustration is Hollywood star Kate Winslet (44). In a larger interview with Vanity Fair tells the actress about a choice she made in life that she bitterly regrets today.

Among other things, for agreeing to work with film directors such as Woody Allen (84) and Roman Polanski (84).

Click on the image to enlarge.  2011: Kate Winslet with Roman Polanski during the premiere of the film «Carnage» in 2011.

2011: Kate Winslet with Roman Polanski during the premiere of the film «Carnage» in 2011.
Photo: NTB Scanpix

– What every day was what I was doing when I worked for them, Winslet says in the interview.

Winslet worked with Allen during the filming of the movie “Wonder Wheel” in 2017, and with Polanski in 2011 during the filming of “Carnage” – just decades after they were both accused of sexual assault.

According to Winslet, the film industry has a lot to change, and believes more people need to take action to improve the culture.

2017: Kate Winslet with Woody Allen and Juno Temple during the preview of “Wonder Wheel” in 2017.
Photo: NTB Scanpix

– It is unthinkable for me now that these men were set as high in the film industry as they became. It’s so shameful, and I have to take responsibility for working with them both. I can not turn back time. I’m trying to deal with remorse, but what are we left with if we can not be honest about it? she says.

Rebel Wilson rarely shared a photo

However, it is the actor Rebel Wilson (40) who has received the most attention on social media in the last 24 hours.

In the last year, Wilson has made drastic changes in her lifestyle, where she has stated, among other things, that she should have their healthiest year ever. Pictures of her enormous transformation has been shared diligently on social media, to the great zeal of the fans.

On Sunday night, however, the star shared a completely different picture.

Click on the image to enlarge.  RARE VIEW: Rebel Wilson surprised fans with a rare photo of his family this weekend.

RARE VIEW: Rebel Wilson surprised fans with a rare photo of his family this weekend.
Photo: Instagram

Several fans have questioned why Wilson rarely shares photos of his family. The jubilation was therefore great when the 40-year-old posted a picture of almost the entire sibling group with their mother on Instagram on Sunday night.

– The Wilson sisters, she wrote to the photo.

According to Mirror Wilson also has a brother, who was not in the picture.

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However, Wilson is not alone in gaining attention on Instagram. This weekend, Britney Spears (38) celebrated the birthdays of her two sons, Jayden and Sean Preston, with a longer tribute to the two boys who turned 14 and 15 years old respectively.

– My two little men have a birthday this weekend. You have become so big and so much cooler than me. I love you both to the moon and back. I hope all their birthday wishes come true, Spears writes on Instagram.

It is not known if Britney Spears celebrated her birthday with her two sons. The last time Spears shared a photo of the three together was in August last year.

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