Celebrity Big Brother: Werner Hansch confesses his gambling addiction


“Promi Big Brother” 2020
Reporter legend Werner Hansch confesses to gambling addiction

Day two Werner Hansch can no longer hold back tears

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Football fans know Werner Hansch as a commentator on numerous games. At the age of 81 he now dares to venture into the “Celebrity Big Brother” container – and there he reveals a tragic fate.

The new season of “Celebrity Big Brother” is only a few hours old and already offers more topics of conversation than many a complete issue before. After Emmy Russ’ dirty talk left both comrades and viewers perplexed on day one, the second episode featured Confession from sports reporter Werner Hansch in the centre.

At 81 years of age he is the oldest participant in “Celebrity Big Brother”. Pop singer Ikke Hüftgold wanted to know from Hansch why he did this to himself at his age. His answer: He needs money. “I gambled well over half a million,” admitted the legend of the commentators.

In his big brother’s office, a completely distraught Hansch reported how his gambling addiction not only cost him a lot of money, but also his great love. “The very worst that came out of it, I lost my partner. She fought like a lioness for me. Only I didn’t understand it. I bullshit.” He thought the world was over, said Hansch with tears.

Werner Hansch speaks openly about his gambling addiction

He compared his addiction to that of an alcoholic: “A healthy person cannot imagine the power an addiction can exert on a person. It’s like an alcoholic scratching the wallpaper from the wall when he does not get a drop in the morning . ”

In addition, Hansch revealed that he was reported by CDU politician Wolfgang Bosbach because he had borrowed money from him and could not repay it in time. “That was his right,” said Hansch. The fact that the matter got publicly struck him deeply and destroyed his reputation. Nevertheless, in a certain way he was grateful to Bosbach, because “that was exactly the click” he needed, said Hansch. He has been in a therapy group for gambling addicts for a long time. “I never want to go back to where I have been. But things are going up,” is Hansch’s conclusion.


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