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Beijing time:2022-09-22 10:14

[New Tang Dynasty, Beijing time, September 22, 2022]To celebrate James. The 60th anniversary of the release of the Bond film series, producers Michael Wilson and Barbara. Broccoli, in front of the TCL Chinese Theater on Wednesday (21st), pressed handprints and footprints to watch together.

Film actor Christoph Waltz: “There’s no 007 in real life, just (producers) Barbara and Michael.”

On the morning of Wednesday (September 21), James. Barbara Barbara, the two producers of the Bond films. Broccoli and Michael Wilson at the Handprint Ceremony in front of the TCL Chinese Theater to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the release of the 007 film series.

Filmmaker Michael G. Wilson: “We love movies, we love making movies. It’s an absolute honor for us to be invited to the Hollywood tradition of film celebrations.”

James. Released in 1962, the first film in the Bond series took the world by storm and endured. The protagonist of the film, James. Bond, codenamed 007, was a spy planted by the British CIA in Jamaica. More than two dozen films since then have also revolved around his espionage activities.

Christoph Waltz: “[The Bond series has]more than 60 years of film history, 25 amazing films, billions of passionate fans around the world, and a mythical love for spies. More people believe in 007 than in Santa Claus. There are more people.”

The 60th anniversary event will also include a concert at the Royal Albert Hall on October 4 and a Prime Video screening of the feature documentary The Sound of 007 on October 5.

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Comprehensive report by NTD reporters Li Jiayin and Xu Zhancheng

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