Ceccherini, ‘I never leave the house, I sleep with my dog ​​Lucio’ – Tv

(ANSA) – ROME, APRIL 30 – “I never leave the house, I’m always in my pajamas and I can’t stand being on television, because I feel alone. Above all, I miss my dog ​​Lucio, my child, who I had to leave to come to the studio”. This was told by Massimo Ceccherini, guest of Francesca Fialdini at Da noi… freewheeling on Rai1.

Speaking of the relationship with his dog, the actor added: “As we talk to children, I talk to Lucio and I spend the whole day like this. He is my whole life. I managed to keep the demons I had inside tied, thanks to my wife and to Lucio, who beats any love and my wife knows this too. Since he’s been here, my wife no longer sleeps with me, because I have to sleep with him. When I was about to be grabbed by the demon, Lucio gave me signs, he began to get scared and I, in order not to make him suffer, didn’t fall back into the abyss. It’s the dogs that protect us, they’re our guardian angels. I think this phase of my life is the most beautiful, without denying the others, because I’ve never had a relationship with animals before.”

In the interview, Ceccherini also spoke of his tormented past: “God arrived, he touched me and suddenly I began to have a series of encounters that saved me.

I have known Matteo Garrone for many years and he is one of those who has always been close to me and has been my fairy. Those who abandoned me in the past did well because it was my fault. In the specific case of Garrone, he is always part of those encounters that have come to me after having prayed for help”. (ANSA).

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