Cauliflower gratin recipe, the secret is in the bechamel

Ingredients for
4 people

The cauliflower gratin it is an idea to make vegetables tastier, very simple to make. Cauliflower is a typical winter vegetable, but can also be found on the market when temperatures get warmer. It lends itself to various types of cooking, from frying to the oven. You can make many recipes with cauliflower: from vegetarian ragout, to rustic cake or even pizzas. Choose carefully the cauliflowers with the tightest buds and an even surface. Avoid those that have a dark surface. In this recipe, white cauliflowers are used but, if you want to create an even more tempting dish, you can use half white and half purple cauliflower. Little trick useful to reduce the strong smell of boiled cauliflowers: add a drop of vinegar to the cooking water. For the cauliflower gratin just clean the cauliflowers and boil them, then prepare the classic bechamel, enriched with cheddar. It will be this step that will make the dish creamy. In our recipe there is a fresh chilli pepper, if you don’t like it you can omit it. To make the gratin richer, use ham and cheddar cheese, it will create a crunchy golden crust. If you don’t have cheddar at home, replace it with emmental or another stretched curd cheese. For a stronger taste you can add capers and Taggiasca olives to the ingredients of this gratin.

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